Sunday, October 23, 2016

My eyesight gets better!

One super pleasant thing I got during my first MCU is:

My eyesight gets better!

It is very unbelievable as this year I spend most of my time sitting in front of PC and laptop for more than 40 hours a week. I have fully prepared to accept the fact that my eyesight will worsen because--it is going to be just very natural for me to actually upgrade my spectacles, knowing that I face up to four monitors daily.

During eye examination on my MCU, I had to undergo two tests: the machine test and the doctor test. Machine test result showed me that my eyes at that time were CYL -0.50 both. At that time, I didn't know what were the differences between non-Cylindrical and Cylindrical sight but then I just proceeded to the second test by the doctor.

Then the doctor said that I am not Cylindrical, yokatta! I know it. My astigmatisms are still very fine despite of the harsh condition my eyes have to experience daily.

And what surprises me the most is that: I officially reduced my Sphere power!

To be exact, SPH:
L: -1.75 become L: -1.50
R: -2.00 become R: -1.50

My spectacles are now both SPH: -1.50! Slightly weaker than before!

Which means: my eyes get slightly better!

Life gives me an early birthday present: I have to downgrade my spectacles la!

And so I did!

The spectacles salesgirls successfully ate me and I immediately bought a brand-new spectacles to celebrate my eyes that get better.

Unlike my previous spectacles that are combination of black/blue, this ones are the combination of black/purple and slightly girly than before. Also the spectacles are chotto smaller.

Whether it looks cute on me or not, to be honest it doesn't really matter. It is because I don't wear spectacles regularly. I only wear them when I drive.

Only that, and nothing else.

Wait what so all of this time, you are short-sighted?


I know it sounds unhealthy, with me being short-sighted and having to expose my poor eyes to monitors daily for a long time. But the thing is, every time I wear spectacles in my daily activities, I will get sickness: migraines, giddy, nausea and vomit.

Each time I explain this condition to anyone, they will say:

Your spectacles are not correct,
You should force yourself to wear it, slowly the sickness will go away,
You have to adapt yourself with your spectacles.

No thank you and I am sick of all of you telling me these.

First of all, my spectacles are correct. Whenever I drive, I can wear them for hours, an entire day without any sickness. I have bought prescribed spectacles five times since 2007 and all of them worked great for me.

The only time I cannot wear spectacles without getting sick is when I walk--and it is basically I don't want to wear spectacles at most times because I am pretty mobile daily.

I don't want to force myself to get sick, migraines, giddy, nausea and vomit just for me to be able to wear spectacles daily. I prefer having short-sighted all time without migraines to having a clear sight with sickness every day. If you have known me for a long time, you know once I get headaches, it hits me badly and it won't go away until the next day.

In this case, I insist not to adapt myself with spectacles. It is simply because my spectacles work very well for me when I am immobile physically: I sit in car whole day and drive. I only get those motion-sickness whenever I walk with my spectacles.

This brings me to the last point: I have adapted with my spectacles very well and I don't really need to wear ones anytime. Although sometimes I have a hard time reading displayed menu at restaurant and have to ask for help in it. But I still prefer that to daily motion-sickness.

Now you know my bad habit, but once again this doesn't keep me from doing normal activities. I am still living a very happy life up to today without any notable disabilities, and I am very grateful of that. Thank you, for an amazing life!

Now I am sure you are going to ask me:

What do you do to get your eyesight better?

I am going to be very honest here. I don't do any medications, or therapy, or surgeries, or anything else you can mention to get my eyesight better.

However, I noticed one thing: once we wear our spectacles daily, we will get used to it that once we take it off--we will feel that our sight will be worse than before we wear our spectacles daily.

Do you get this logic?

It is just like your normally drink instant orange juice, you think it is really yummy. The moment your tongue is spoilt with pure orange juice, you no longer desire instant orange juice. Your tongue is blinded with pure orange juice.

p.s. I still like instant orange juice and instant lemonade.

In fact, I don't think this matter contributes to my healing eyesight. I am never spoilt with the convenience of spectacles at all and I have always increased my SPH each time I had my eyesight checked.

So I think, think and think.. What actually caused my healing eyesight?

Then I noticed my cliche habit: I eat WAY TOO MUCH CARROTS.

Dad boils carrots almost daily. I like carrots so this doesn't bother me. There are several kinds of carrots and the one I like the best is the extremely huge carrots with 'Imported' label on it. Those are very tender and sweet I can literally have only boiled carrots in my plate and I can eat it while watching TV without any dressings, because it is just so good!

Most of my carrot dishes are boiled because I prefer it that way--Dad sometimes steamed carrots to keep its crunchyness but I prefer it boiled: softer and sweeter that way.

I don't know whether eating carrot really contributes to my healing eyesight but again, I am guessing that's it. I eat so much vegetables daily now that I am home and feel healthier that I now regulate exercise, despite of me having to sit in front of PC more than 40 hours a day.

Not only carrots, I also eat potatoes, broccoli, ginger, onion, garlic, spinach, chai sim, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes (boiled, because I don't like smelly raw tomatoes) and beancurd. Cabbage is a no for me. Chili is also a no.

I believe the best thing to improve eyesight is to eat healthy, and to have a healthy lifestyle. Dad advises me to see far things every few hours of looking at PC but I don't really do it because it is not inconvenient. I make sure I go to toilet often in between my work, so I drink a lot. That is one method I use to exercise my body and also to rest my eyes for a while, keep it away from stresses.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about this, in comment below!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wahhh! Glad to hear your eyesight improved!
    Mine increased like crazy each year since higschool but since last year, they maintain.
    When i was younger mom told me to eat carrots but I dont fancied them so i dont 😂😂
    So, here i am, 'redha' with my eyesight 🤓.
    I alternate between wearing spectacles n contact lenses nowadays.

    1. Ahhhh! I know once we are diagnosed as short-sighted, our sight seems to worsen really quickly right!
      Lol lol! Carrots are okay, try to find the imported, reddish and huge ones. They confirm sweet!!

      Hahahah. Contact lenses are great! I love them :D

  2. When I was younger, I had light minus (about -0.5 or something) and I was a bit paranoid it will got worse due to my bad reading habit (what kids usually do, something like reading in the darkness or while laying, etc).

    Surprisingly, a few years later I checked my eyesight to found out that I was fully recovered. I never done anything specific, and for me it was somehow a miracle! xD But I always want to wear spectacles. ;_; There are so many cute and stylish frames I want to try and experiment with it, somehow. Besides, it kinda fit to my bookish personality, huh? Hahaha xD

    1. Wow! That is really good to hear. I really wish to have perfect sight so I envy you hahahaha. But you can always buy a spectacles with zero power right? I know right there are so many cute (and pretty expensive) frames XD Yes I agree! In some cases, we sometimes look better with glasses :3

    2. Wahhh! That is so amazing that your eyesight fully recovered!
      and yes, glasses would fit your bookish personality ;)


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