Friday, October 21, 2016

Medical Check-Up 2016!

Every year I am obliged to undergo a full Medical Check-Up from company.

I am so grateful that I almost never have bad illness at all (except mild dengue fever and HFMD, which were all not too severe) that required me to undergo some extended medical actions. This leads to me not having many experiences with things like this.

This is my first time having full Medical Check-Up, full blood test, urine test, eyesight test and general check up. One blood-taking experience I remember the most up to today was in 2007 or 2008 when I wanted to know what was my blood type. Yes, I was oblivious about what type I was until I was 16 years old. The test went fine and I was only nervous a little bit.

Fyi, I am an O type. So many people thought I am an A type. I don't know why.

And for full Medical Check-Up, I assumed they would take way more blood than my previous experience.

I am not scared, okay?

Toward the day where I had my schedule to undergo the MCU (Monday, October 17), I was nervous to death. My friends who had undergone theirs told me that the nurses stab them fiercely and yadda yadda--and I knew it was all BS but I couldn't help it that I slightly believed them, because I was idiot okay?

I shook a lot, couldn't feel my hands and I became extra chattery and bugged my friends the whole morning since my MCU schedule was at 3pm. Entire day felt so slow, and even worse: I was so hungry. I had to do fasting for accurate blood test; although honestly I had my oatmeal breakfast on that morning.

Eh btw I was not scared at all okay. I was just nervous when it comes to hospital, doctors and medical tools. Also needles and metal tools whatever their names are.

Then with my colleague we went downstairs to the place where the MCU was held. I tried to be as calm and brave as possible but my chattery habit which appeared whenever I was scared appear and at that time I could only breath and told myself: it's gonna be quick and I just needed to laugh all these off.

The first step of the MCU was taking the bloody blood wtf and I remembered the feeling that I wanted to cry. Together with my friend who is way taller and bigger than me and he started his blood-taking already with an extremely huge syringe.

When I saw that I almost fainted! Oh ma God! But he only laughed at my face and I immediately said: I am not scared okay! Hmmk!

Then my nurse started to feel my blood vessel? Took her a while to find mine and then she decided to stab the needle on my left arm. I prayed to Idk God Jesus Buddha Allah  to keep my consciousness and in no time the nurse stabbed my left arm and started sucking.

When people say injection is just like ant bite, THEY LIE.

It feels different, just like a thin metal needle being forced to enter my skin fiercely. I could feel the friction between the needle and my flesh. And when I exhaled (as instructed), I no longer felt the pain.

Biggest relief ever!

Even better when she was pulling the needle out, no pain! Although I bled a little, it was all fine. I wasted my whole Monday worrying over such petty thing la!

Not bad! We got snacks as well *eat all*

Also I had general check up (doctor laughed at my weight and told me to eat lesser rice--I never eat rice okay!),

blood pressure check up (mine was 110/60),

colour-blind check up (I am fine!),

urine check up (I peed all over my hands wtf I hurriedly cleaned the toilet and washed my hands 5 times),

lung capacity check up (I failed so many times Idk),

and lastly eyesight check up (surprise surprise! My eyesight gets better! My spectacles sphere was -2.00/-1.75 but now I am -1.50/-1.50!).

A few hours later, the arm looked pretty okay:

A little bit pain la but overall it was okay!

Then the next day, it got better I think? I expected worse bruise but thank God it wasn't bad at all!


Today I take a look at my arm again and I was surprised with this view:

The bruise appears!

It has been 5 days since the MCU but the bruise hasn't gone away. I started to think whether I did some mistakes or whether it was an extreme dirt, but I tried to wash it away and it remains there so I am pretty sure that it is a bruise.

This is not what I expect. It doesn't look okay. I am scared now =X

Hopefully it will go away very soon!

I feel very lebay writing about this but this is my first MCU ma so I think it is one milestone I just achieved!

Now I feel like swimming. It is 10PM hahahaha.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hahahahha ha ha ha
    I still dont know my blood type and I'm in no hurry to find out 😂
    Hospital/clinics make me nervous, i cant explain it.
    I fear the unknown.
    Last check up i did was like, 10years ago when i joined my company.
    There were no needle involve, so i guess it was not a full check up. I only remember peeing in a cup. Hahaha
    Ah well..
    Well done for u not being pengsan during the 'blood sucking' ...i duno know what i'd do
    *laugh unsurely*

    1. LOL LOL! I am told the importance of finding blood type but not sure whether it will be useful even for me :/
      I know! The smell, the people make me nervous as well. They are, like, too clean and too serious?
      That's very long ago LOL! And yes I messed myself when I peed in a cup as well. I wished only on that time I were a boy. But again, I have always been grateful that I am a girl--despite of so many things we have to endure? :X
      Hahahahahaha thank you. Really, in my next blood sucking experiences, I also won't guarantee whether I won't faint *joins nervous laugh*


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