Saturday, October 8, 2016

Inktober 2016 #1


This week I don't take any morning skies pic. I draw daily instead!

I don't do traditional often but I enjoy it! I mostly draw digital because I like putting on effects and there are unlimited colour palletes of choice to use.

While I don't have traditional drawing tools, I still have coloured pens and I am using it now, more often than usual.

A little bit about this week:

I stressed a lot--to the point that I skipped my bloody cycle again. I don't know what caused my stress and the more that I think about it: it actually doesn't matter at all. In short: I stress over almost nothing.

I get scared when things don't go as how I wanted it to. I know this is a baseless feeling, as almost 100% of things I am stressed of turned out okay. Upon realising this I then feel like I have wasted so much energy and time putting my body to unhealthy thought and stressfulness. 

I feel like an idiot.

Again. Time makes us a fool again. Fatty Meow Ranger just reminded me that it has been 9 months since I started working! I felt so stupid and how the amazing feeling of starting something now that still feel so real for me, it was already way far in the past.

I learn so many things as well.

Everything is going to be okay. There is no need for us to stress about it. Enjoy the difficulties, enjoy how we try to work on it. I personally think that a life full of opportunities is given to all of us. Each of it has its own difficulties and rewards and it is up to ourselves how should we face it.

I mean, it is just like a very huge, surreal adventure game where we are the main player and we will walk and wander around. Fighting obstacles, earning rewards, exploring new world.

But the difference is: we don't know what lies on the goal.

Death I think? But that sounds too straightforward so let's bottleneck our idea a little bit more.

The goal is different for each of us.

Some will consider opening a brand new world or level their biggest goals. Some, to max up their XP. Some, to earn such amount of coins or golds. Some, to make as many friends as possible.

Some, don't know what they want to see for their goals but they shall explore the world anyway.

Some, don't know and don't want to go further because they are not interested.

The last kind of people, I know some of them. And I can only say: try to walk a few steps forward. Do some little things, see where it will bring you.

We never know what lies in front of our future, until we come to it and see it ourselves.

No matter what form it is in, it will give us something. It can be lessons, or companions, or rewards, or tangible things. And we shall know that in any form, it shapes us to be someone different.

In growth, we bloom.

Lots of love ♥


  1. i love these so much!! your art style is so cute!!

    1. I am still learning, but thank you very much! It means a lot to me :D

  2. Weee! That's quite an Inktober! I planned to start, but I can't continue drawing after the second day due to final project. Sigh. :(
    My personal favourite is your rendition of Studio Ghibli's Kiki! It reminds me on the time I was cosplaying as Kiki on Halloween! :p

    And finally, keep up the spirit and do your best! ^^


    1. I know it mostly looks messy =( I drew it on my bed right before I sleep. I think forcing this won't do good. >.< I want better quality of my inktobers, lol. Heheheh. I haven't found any satisfying Kiki drawing of mine so far. Gotta practice more!

      Thank you! :D

  3. such words of wisdom.
    Like you, I often stress over nothing.
    I need to control this 'feelings' tsk
    in growth, we bloom indeed.

    1. Indeed! Need to relax more :D enjoy life


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