Friday, October 7, 2016

★ Inflatable Zone: More ways to have fun!

Summer is over, But the family gathering season is around the corner!

If you have a huge family--and extended family--like me (more than 20 cousins, their parents and their own families, plus the growing nephews and nieces), family gathering will be extraordinarily merrier!

Then, to make things better and memorable, what would we do?

Managing some old-style games? We can also teach the young critters how to do the old games, and probably we'll waste our time teaching them how do you shoot marbles?

Beer pong? And let the young critters be occupied with gadgets since they are way too young for a sip of beer and pong?

Ball games? Good idea, but it is mainstream. Can we improve it more?

Now we have Inflatable Zone--that will help us spice our ball games and others!
Inflatable Zone 

Established in 2008, Inflatable-Zone is the leading company and the share-issuing enterprise with both manufacture and marketing. With the great support of experienced staff, the advanced technology and heat-welding machines, we are dedicated to provide various professional services, including responsible after-sales service, OEM service, drop-ship facilitation service, etc.

Inflatable-Zone specializes in big inflatable products, including Bubble Soccer or Bumper Ball or Loopy Balls call them whatever you may, water game toys like water roller, blob, and trampoline, inflatable slide and bouncer. They are export-oriented and approved by our customers from United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on thanks to our fine workmanship and quality assurance. And customers are welcomed to offer us customization ideas, like logo-printing, personalized size, shape and design.

In order to maintain the long term business relationship with our customers, we are committed to live up to their highest expectation about our services and products, and promise to provide the most satisfied products.

Look at that very interesting Inflatable Playground!

I believe even adults will be so excited to see this!

Inflatable Zone can live up your dreams of having a family-friendly playground for family members of all ages. As explained above, they are experts in big inflatable products such as:

Bubble Soccer

If you watched Running Man Ep. 281, you'll remember that one game they played using this Inflatable Bubble Soccer!

I had lots of laughter watching the members playing this. It looked so fun, you can use extra power without actually hurting each other.

They also have:

Big Inflatable Slides

This slides look very interesting! Look at that hooking curve for extra thrill. And also little Flippers on the top. Aren't they very cute?

Inflatable Bubble Bag

This enormous air bag bubble from Inflatable Zone are best for jump games. Name some: blob jump, cycle jump, or just hopping on this air bag bubble is thrilling, exciting and burning calories enough.

Inflatable Zone ensures that they provides the best quality with reasonable price. It is perfect for people who buy it for sale, especially for someone who is looking for wholesale and cheap budget.

They also provide service to people who want to rent big air bag for some purpose--and cheaper budget to enjoy the very same entertainment.

Inflatable Amusement Park

This looks so exciting, right!

I mean, if I were on the same age around my nephews and nieces (around 1 to 10 years old) the moment I see this would be the happiest moment in my life!

Looks soft yet strong, also I used to really enjoy bouncing here and there--our kids version weren't scared of anything, were us?

Never worry about the quality and safety, Inflatable Zone is certified thus the quality is guaranteed for maximum satisfactory!

The best among all:

Inflatable Tent!

My favourite will be the Bubble Tent.

Imagine this:

On a perfectly undisturbed holiday, far from work and city--build this tent in the middle of a meadow right beside a calmly flowing river and a largely standing hill,

In the middle of summer, late at night after eating a bowl of hot and delicious noodle soup and barbecues,

The chill wind blowing softly, tease our hair and gently rub our skin,

We lie down under the tent, protecting ourselves from the chill yet still able to feel the soft wind,

Looking at the completely clear night sky, with rivers of stars above there,

Letting our mind wander and questioning about the most complicated, unanswered life questions,

Away from any gadgets and things that build our complicated life,

With the best people in our life.

Look at how simple us humans are to please?

Look at how simple am I to please?

Won't that be the best thing that will happen ever?

And this Bubble Tent is the perfect addition to securely protect our camp nights without removing the ambience of lying down in the nature.

Thank you Inflatable Zone for introducing such amazing items to me and everyone else!

In the middle of a very hectic and fast-rolling days like now, we love to have more options of having fun with everyone else.

bubble soccer
zorb ball
inflatable slide

Lots of love ♥


  1. omg! in Brunei we call these 'bouncers' pronounce as 'bound'-'sir'
    and i love them!
    of course, its been a long time since I last played in/on one.
    but the ones you shared (Bubble Bag and Amusement Park), I have yet to see here in Brunei. but I've seen the one like a water park obstacle thingy.

    and you are right, with this kind of entertainment, we could enjoy them with everyone and get the kids of their tablets for once

    1. Wow seriously!? I think I recognised bouncer--hahah! In Jogja I don't think there is such thing available at all times. I really like these things! They give similar vibes like amusement park!

      Heheh!! My crazy romantic imagination *bow* but it is not really applicable here. So many bugs (I don't like bugs eee) wish to experience the tent fantasy in Scandinavian countries please!


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