Sunday, October 16, 2016

I am a sucker for cheap stuff..

Reactions: matter how useless it is.

Okay, mostly it won't be so useless (I don't buy rubbish) but I do commit guilty-pleasure crimes every now and then.

This shall be in the top rank of my 'Guilty Pleasure' list. Dad said so many times that I am legit a sucker for cheap stuff--especially cute ones--and worse, sometimes these stuff are completely useless for me. He somehow saw my fortune (bluff probably, or not) that I make pretty much money and I am also good in wasting it.

Thanks Dad, that motivates me to earn more and more!

So a month ago, I bought a new pair of shoes:

for IDR 19,000 or USD 1.45.
At: Pasar Atum Surabaya.

Quite branded shoes for such cheap price?! I used my shopping voucher to buy this (really many thanks Binus for the voucher! I use it well) although it is slightly oversized for me because I am sized 8.5 (or 38.5 - 39) and it is a really difficult size to find, lol.

Then, way before that I bought a pretty cute bagpack; I love bagpacks:

Left: Disney Tsum Tsum bagpack for IDR 140,000 or USD 10.72.
At: Solo Grand Mall

Right: Monyet slingbag from Mum for IDR 0 or USD 0.
Present given to me for no reason (are there hidden motives behind this Monyet slingbag? I don't know. But thank you very much Mum!)

Tsum Tsums are so adorable I play the game almost every night before I go to bed!

Then another random evening, I bought a newly released eyeliner:

for IDR 49,000 or USD 3.75.
At: Carrefour

Want to look cuter at work so I start to give special attention to my monolid eyes. Okay ma.

Then, the worst crime I committed--biggest guilty pleasure of the year--are these:

Washi Tapes. 40 of them. Yes, forty.

for IDR 400/ tape, IDR 16,000 in total or USD .03/ tape, USD 1,22 in total.

I am not so good in scissors so when I tried to use these to my sketch book--I messed up instead. I don't know what am I going to do with those, yet. So for now I only keep them in a pouch and eat a little bit more space in my already-crowded desk.

I now know why girls love shopping--it gives pleasure. But nah, I don't overdo shopping. I like saving money. Currently I have tons of ideas on how to earn a little bit more here and there so I am so excited to try all these means to earn more.

And I sorta realised this: it has been a while since I want to buy something. I have nothing much I want to buy, and I think this lack of shopping lust is a very good chance of me to save more.. buy a new set of high-end PC I need!

I think I start to need it since my current laptop is no longer able to run Photoshop CS3 and I die a little inside me every time I need to use Photoshop CS3. My best alternative for now is to use my work's PC and it is not convenient as I am mostly productive at night when I am not at work.

So a PC would be great? But I can set that aside, I really like looking at my bank account balance keep increasing. I have so many plans to do with those monies, also to earn more!

So excited to see what future awaits~♥

Lots of love ♥


  1. THOSE WASHI TAPES ARE SOOO CHEAP!! we cant even find JUST one cost $1!!! You bought 40 and it cost u USD1 something!!
    Cute shoes btw ;)
    It took me at least 9 years to finally stop wanting to shop(after i earn my own money).
    Keep up the good work or will not to spend. *hwaiting
    PC is quite expensive where i am, thats why people hardly buy one anymore. Laptops are the craze here :s

    1. I KNOW RIGHTTT. I know the quality isn't as good as the usual ones but these ones are pretty okay as well (since I only bought it for fun hah). Yea I bought 40 tapes and it only costed me $1 hahahahaha omg.

      Oh my, shall learn from you! I hope I will learn things soon and start telling myself to save more for my own good and suppress my shopping lust.

      Almost the same, it is quite expensive in my place too! Many of my friends are using laptop and I am currently using one as well but since I am now not so mobile anymore, I wish for a stronger PC for my heavy softwares (such as Photoshop--well mostly for Photoshop. Because I draw a lot ;) teehee)

  2. daku juga suka sama barang2 murah apalagi kalau yang lucu2 ;D namanya juga cewek yaa ... :D

    1. Betuuuul sekaliiiiii :D ga bisa tahan sama perintilan imut hihih


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