Saturday, October 15, 2016

Grey week.

Finally it is another weekend!

To be honest this week was a breeze for me: my project just recently went gold and I was in surveillance mode. Spent my days trying to test the game, waited for the characters to do their stuff, listened to music (that lasted only a few minutes because I get headaches when I wear my headset for too long), read some controversial articles about politics, read news, browsed Quora, googled free Photoshop brushes, re-designed my entire blog and website as you can see now.

I joined a modest competition in my office which is: Cubecraft Competition! I joined this competition on the very very very last minute and I submitted my entry on the very very very last minute as well.

No idea what made me joined this competition. For sure, I thought it was pretty interesting since I never designed a Cubecraft before. Also, it was because some of my colleagues were joining it as well!

But in the end none of them submitted any Cubecraft for many reasons. Okay, so I submitted my own myself D:

I made Mickey O' Lantern! Hahaha.

It has been ages since I make paper crafts and it was both fun and frustrating! I cannot really see small patterns so I often cut things wrongly! Oh man.

Piles of orange head?

Okay I know to be honest I feel like my submission looks extremely childish for such adult competition. But what can I do? I mostly draw cute stuff and I had no time to brainstorm other ideas. Also, I started designing this on the very last day before the deadline and I stayed awake until 3AM trying to draw this funny looking Mickey.

I then submitted this to another branch office and didn't meet the PIC madam, so I spent a good few minutes running around office looking for the PIC madam.

But then I met my boss there instead! Which luckily, he sits nearby the PIC madam so I was thinking I wanted to ask him to give my Mickey to the PIC madam.

But I paused. I didn't want him to see my Mickey.

In fact, I didn't want anyone to see my Mickey. I am very shy okay!

So I told him not to laugh at my Mickey and gave Mickey to him but I don't know for what reason he then started laughing--so evil okay!

Well it seems like he is one of the judge so I hope he can give my Mickey some tallies? XD

Then, since I made three Mickey heads (as seen above) I left one head on my desk and some colleagues happened to see it.

I had a hard time hiding it because I don't know why the more I see Mickey O' Lantern, the more I feel that it looks way too humble to enter a competition. At this time, I regretted registering myself to the competition very last minute and didn't stay awake longer for better research on what to make.

Well, what is done has been done and I wanna be very proud of my Mickey because who knows, there are not so many people joining which means = my winning chance is pretty high? HA.

Then today I slightly had something to do because I had to send one more email. I reminded myself to send one email before I went back home but I completely forgot about it because I was imagining KFC as my dinner wtf.

I also spent my evenings working out! I am about to have my first Medical Check Up next Monday so I want to slightly lose some weight and make my MCU result turns out pretty okay..

..which didn't work, I gained instead thanks to the Promo Pizza day last Tuesday and I had KFC this evening.

It was so yummy I didn't regret a bite! Why would you regret eating good food? To compensate it, just exercise harder than before okay!

I missed the morning skies pic again, only took Thursday's and Friday's. This week started with pretty sunny morning and ended with a chill, breezy rainy evening. Quite cosy weather!

So pretty!

I know it is the middle of October, but who knows--probably Summer is starting?

Nevermind, it rains every evening. The blue sky is only a small portion of entire week.

It was a 95% grey week.

Lots of love ♥


  1. that Mickey O Lantern is job well done for a last minute entry *thumbs up*
    and same here in Brunei, its sunny alright but turned so dark by the end of the day for almost everyday this week.
    I love cool season ^_^
    I just hate the thunder and lightning :S

    1. Thank you, Unni *bow*
      Yes! What an annoying but so cosy weather?! Hahaha!
      I love it too. The hot season recently is way too much!!

      Ah! I am very scared of thunder and lightnings >.< don't like them as well


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