Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 38th morning skies!


The irony.

Morning skies have always been so bright and blue, mostly. But in the afternoon to night it always rained this week.

Even I spent my whole weekend (almost) entirely at home. Be a good girl, stay in a good room and read a good book (Harry Potter).

The thing is, I start to like rainy days because I no longer complain about the weather. I no longer mind about getting drenched, it felt like a blessing after a few weeks of mad hotness here. I slept really peacefully every night that I kinda stop waking up at midnight due to my drenching sweat.

About work, it starts to get busy but still manageable. I really like fast-pacing work, because time flies in an exciting way! I always plan some sort of to-do list to myself with Trello and I have fun crossing things out!

Shall write more about Trello in a separate post! It saves my life a lot!

This week has been great. There are some things that slightly pissed me off but it doesn't matter now. You shall know that I don't like overly nosey people, just like some people I knew when I was in school.

I don't like people following me and my lifestyle. I am extremely happy I graduated, and I met a lot of brand-new people in a brand-new place. It makes me happy to meet people who don't know my past. It makes me calm.

However, years passed by and when I met my old friends, I felt two different feelings mixed in one body. Inside me.

I really like meeting all my old friends again! I miss how we spent our days back then, with happiness and laughters.

But I felt unusually pissed off to remember how I used to wanting to graduate from all of them back then. I am so confused!

Anyway, we all grow older. Grudges and hatred, everything dissipates as time flies.

In the end, it doesn't matter anymore.

Lots of love ♥


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