Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 37th morning skies!


98 days to Christmas!

I know I have been saying this for too many times but: time flies!

We had public holiday on Monday therefore no Morning Sky pic. Eh, actually there is.. I posted Monday's dawn pic here.

This week was a breeze! I have completed most of my Designer's job in team and I was in surveillance mode. Also, our team is going through Project Transition in which we are going to go forward to our next Project soon after our current is good as gold--which means it is marked OK by the Your Highnesses.

Note that there are some things I have been thinking about this week:

Upgrading HP
I know this is a greedy thought. My current HP is working perfectly, it is just that there are some games I wanna play simultaneously, and my HP is not strong enough for it.

I know I shall not be too greedy to install so many games, which especially eat HUGE RAM and space. But for the sake of *cough* work and *cough* experience I really *cough* need to play so many games.

Also I am thinking to start reviewing and talking about games and mobile games are one of my easiest material to break down.

Start a custom store
Remember MikiNala?

My co-friend who owns this store as well is now currently working with me at the same company! Though different team. She is way busier than me so she decided to halt working on MikiNala for a while.

But I am still very excited of trying to do some custom items business. So I have been practicing my hands, flexing my fingers to draw more, faster and better.

Meanwhile, I am also thinking to test some overseas shipping (thanks to Internet) to some of my Internet friends! When things have progressed well, I will write the detail here.

And that's it!

I am gonna go to my company's party tomorrow. And I will take pics, that will be up on my next post!

Have a great weekend, everypawdy!

Lots of love ♥

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