Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shorty hair!

It has been a few weeks that I've been complaining of the heat!

What makes it worse is my super long and thick hair; it is genetic and there is nothing I can do much about it.

I used to hate having to change my haistyle because I don't like to think what kind of hairstyle suit me. I am very self-conscious in this so I dread going to salon.

But for the last few years, I have been going to salon back and forth because my hair grows way TOO FAST I have no idea why. Also, I tried to chop my hair so much last year and it felt so good.

So I thought of having my hair chopped again this time. Quite a length as well.

The last pic of me and my super thick and long hair at office toilet this afternoon. Lol.

I have been wanting to chop my hair quite a length for the last few weeks so this time I bravely stepped into a salon and asked the hairdresser to chop quite a length.

She asked me twice: "Are you sure?" I was like: "Uh huh. Yes please!"

Then what happened is a history.

Boom! Shorty hair!

Not that short though but it was one of my shortest hair length I ever had!

Also, way so many irritating layers which my Mum asked. She said plain straight hair looks ugly on me. -_-

I was very shocked at how short it is (and how layery it is) but I told myself it feels much better now. Like I can now wash my hair at night and sleep early because it is going to dry fast enough. Unlike before, I can never wash my hair at night because it takes a good few hours to dry. Also I almost never wash hair in the morning, just my habit la.

Many of my friends like seeing me in long hair so chopping my hair short also gives me quite that shock as well. But I managed to spare my money to buy straightening iron so I can now style my hair better la.

Although it won't last too long. My hair grows way too fast!

Also, my Mum, Dad, Sis and one girl at cosmetic store said my hair looks way better now than before.

Really, readers?

Convince me, that my shorty hair is better than before! Please? Hahahahah.

By the way, I am going out of town tomorrow right after work to Monday so there won't be any weekend post.

See you next week!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Your hair looks good! What shampoo do you use that your hair grows fast? Please give me some tips:3

    1. Thank you! ^^
      I alternately use Dove(dark blue) and Clear(green) depends on my hair condition. Although using different shampoos is not recommended but I do it.
      Also, I think by washing your hair and brushing it often will make it grow longer faster than not doing it. Washing daily is not recommended as well so I opt to wash once every two days. And brushing it with combs, it will stimulate the scalps. Do it gently and often, it will grow before your eyes! Also, eat healthy >> I am sure this is an important advice to keep hair well, although I sometimes don't abide it :P

  2. I totally can relate the feeling of having long hair all the time and how weird it feels but good at the same time you feel when you cut it super short!
    your hair look pretty! and I'm sure its easier to manage now that they're short. xD

    1. Yes!! I am glad it relates XD
      It felt sooooo great now! Weirdly, I now hardly have any regret feeling to cut my hair really short. Because I think, I grow older :X


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