Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sending love to Loki.

Just a moment ago I read the news about a very lovely doggy Loki who was struggling with kidney failure, and very unfortunately to say that he passed away a day ago.

I never know about Loki before, nor I follow his daily life. But, upon seeing him and reading about his story, I cried and hurted my chest a lot.

He was so adorable, and he resembled my late Daisy and my current Miki. I felt a connection upon seeing him for the first time.

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I know I am way too late of knowing him because I know him after his passing. The news of him having serious disease and was undergoing some harsh treatments hurted me so much.

When I read to the point that he passed away, a piece of me was torn away. I know I am Loki's nobody, and Loki didn't know me at all. But I felt the sentiment, I felt the loss, I know how it felt.

Which makes me wonder, why doggies' deaths are extremely painful for me?

For so many people?

One thing that I know perfectly, it is because doggies have pure heart. They love unconditionally. They love humans more than themselves.

I noticed this really well as I have been petting doggies since I was a baby. Doggies love us so much. No matter how sometimes we don't give them attention, sometimes we ignore them because we are busy with our worlds, sometimes we just have better things to do ourselves.

They always look upon us, wait for us to pet them.

For us, doggies might be part of our life.

For doggies, we are their whole life.

(Okay I won't make this post too long as I start to cry now)

So for dear Loki, I hope you can now happily run and play in paradise now. I hope you meet Daisy, Snowy, Bonnie, Bonbon, Coco, Pinky and Timtam. They were my precious doggies.

Have fun, we humans (and your parents Tim and Viv) miss you so much.

Sending you lots of love.

Also, lots of love from my Miki.

Okay, short post from me. Brb crying and hiding myself under the blanket.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I couldn't touch dogs but I had the honor of feeding one dog and caring for it. she had puppies during that period we cared for her. my mom called her Coby (for whatever reason) and I called her cGirl.
    We learned to love her as we do our cats. only thing is we couldn't touch her.
    At that time, we were already slowly moving our stuff to our new home. DUring our finaly move, someone poisoned her. we were saddened by it.
    i know this is sensitive issues (regarding religion and beliefs) but to me, there are ways to get rid of the dog and poisoning them isn't one I would choose.
    What I learned from that experience was that she is extremely loyal. She followed me close by when I came home late until I went up the stairs (we live at a flat). She was kind; when cats was fighting, she tried to break the fight (quite an interesting scene at that time).
    I know she was just a dog and I couldn't really pet her but she was still a living being and I cared for her like I do my cats.
    SO the poisoning was cruel. and it impacted me.
    I understand the lost of a pet and losing her felt just as real as I do when I lost a cat.
    MAN! I post long! becoz of losing a dog!
    I'm sad now.

    1. Awww don't be sad! :( *hugs* I agree and I understand about religion matter, since majority of people around here also concern about unable to touch dogs. That is okay! We will find a way to respect it, and poisoning is not the right way. It is indeed sensitive here too but for me, I will always try a peaceful approach and looking for options that can benefit both sides. Like, we will look for people who can take care of them rather than killing them. Basically killing living beings not for surviving feels so wrong to me :(

      Cats are the same thing, other pets as well! Since I never own a cat so I cannot tell how, but I can see that cats are equally intelligent as they recognise their owners. I know how sweet they are and how they can see us deeper than anything else.

      Sending lots of love <3


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