Monday, September 12, 2016

Quality time seven♥ + Happy Sis' day!

The long weekend we all wait for is here!

Also for me and my family who spent weeks contemplating what to do to spend our precious long weekend.

Since the long weekend coincidentally happened on the same day with Sis' birthday so we then decided to visit her!

I initially wanted to stay at home for less cost (since we don't have to bring Miki doggy to the pet shop to take care of her for a few days) but Mum insisted me to go along.

So I last-minute packed my shirts and went to work on Friday with my packed luggage.

Friday, 5PM I hurriedly shut down my PC and found parents downstairs of the office because we will immediately started the trip to Sis' place. The journey itself took us around 10+hours so we hoped that we would reach by Saturday dawn--Sis' birthday.

Happy 22nd Sis' day!

I was on road when wishing her birthday and I cannot stand using HP on road so I put Taecyon's pic and fully-loaded it with stickers for her. Lol.

We reached a bit early; like around 3AM and then surprised her--which didn't really extravagant as well because she half-asleeply welcomed us. We were exhausted to death so we washed ourselves up and lied on bed, slept really soundly.

Saturday! We brought Sis' to Sony Centre to fix her laptop and went to a newly built Shopping Mall for a movie and walked around.

How to spend the time? Playing claw machine!

Sis was so skilled she clawed a doggy on her first try!

It took me two tries (plus Mum's interfering) to caught another one. And it is another doggy!

I think it was my first time succeeding on one. Even with help.

Enjoyed the day well and we planned for Korean BBQ for the birthday dinner. But since it was still too early so we planned for a movie: Train to Busan!

It was also my second time watching this movie hahahah.

The movie, although simple (and was so good!) but it spent us a good two hours! So by the time we finished with the movie, it was pretty late so we decided to have the birthday dinner the next day on Sunday and we had modest Chinese food dinner that Saturday night.

Birthday dinner part 1! At Tokyo Restaurant. Not bad! And the portions are awesomely big.

A night passed by... And Sunday is here!

We went to Pasar Atum Mall early in the morning for yummy foods.

I think we can say Pasar Atum Mall almost equals to Mangga Dua in Jakarta. Only here they have waaaay more foodies to try. Some are uniquely nice!

We ate at this legendary Bakwan Kapasari restaurant. It was full of people and our relatives said that this restaurant is really good.

p.s. 100% haram food.

So we tried it.

It was nice! But that's it.

The entire meatballs and soup were nice. But the price made me had to remove one star from my original five-star rating.

It is way too expensive for me when each ball is IDR9,000 ($1) and we have to order minimum 5 stuff per bowl.

Which means one head has to spend minimum $5.

Yummy, but it also burnt quite hole on our money pocket? Hahah.

Meatball selca?!

Then we walked around Pasar Atum Mall with stuffed tummy and I had my favourite drink I could only find in this city!!

Cincau Station.

I had my favourite Cincau Ori for IDR8,000 ($.9). I had three orders within two days. Stomachache on the night before I left. Lol.

Yummy looking eggtarts. But I still like Bread Life's eggtart the best!

Since we finished our morning stroll at Pasar Atum Mall and it was still too early for Korean BBQ dinner which was delayed the day before. We returned back home for a good nap.

I have noticed it for a while. But here, in this city, the sky is exceptionally SUPER BLUE and cloudless. So pretty!

The pilot there must be so damn shiok. No clouds at all!

The super clear and bright sun on the west side.

And shy shy cat moon on the east side.

Weather in Surabaya is so much hotter than Jogja or Jakarta. So if you have been to both of those places and you complained about the heat, you'll be crazy here.

I complained about the weather all time because I am very prone to migraines and hot weather is one of the easiest cause to trigger my migraines.

But the blue sky I witnessed was worth it!

Also taking pic of ma short hair. Dad said it is still too thick so he advised me to go under chemical solution to make it super straight and thinner. I told him I might want to go to salon again next week. And for now, lemme enjoy my freshly and naturally cut hair.

The evening, we drove to Plasa Tunjungan where we could Korean BBQ party.

The traffic was moderately crowded so we drove slowly. But I have been loving traffic jams because it is those rare moment when I can sit quietly and play Pokemon Go.

I very seldom play it because it consumed too much of my time and attention so traffic jam is my only chance to play it.

Also thanks to the Sunday night traffic jam at Surabaya, I caught my first Vulpix and Growlithe. (I am still on Level 15, bear with me).

Reached Plasa Tunjungan, we immediately headed to Chung Gi Wa--our Korean BBQ restaurant destination. Super lucky! While the mall was crazily crowded (and I started to feel giddy upon seeing all these people inside the restaurant), the Chung Gi Wa was not that crowded so we immediately sat on the furthest corner from the entrance and placed our order.

Pretty famous restaurant!

We ordered:
Yangnyeom Gui // Grilled pork marinated in Chung Gi Wa's special sauce. IDR97,000
Samgyeopsal // Pork belly. IDR97,000
Kimchi Jjigae // Spicy Kimchi stew with pork, tofu, onion, red and green pepper. IDR65,000
Haemul Pajeon // Korean pancake with seafood and green onion. IDR85,000

See the complete menu here.

We were awesomely satisfied!

The overall menu was so nice! Thank you Chung Gi Wa! Definitely recommended for such price!

*) You can alternate pork to beef, with slightly higher price.

Our mandatory pic.

And I was like having the wtf moment when I realised Sis is now like having slimmer face than me.

Mum said: Cannot help it. She studies hard and loses weight. You eat sleep and genetically have round face.

Mum.. Challenge accepted!!

Walked around Plasa Tunjungan was really crowded and made me very giddy and nausea. But the good thing is: there are SO MANY good-looking people here. The boys are so good-looking. The girls really know their style. Surabayan youngsters rock!

That is one thing I won't find in Jakarta or Jogja. The people there are so handsome and so pretty. So many lengchais and lengluis!

Nevermind. *cough*

Then the next day: Monday, we drove back home since I have to work on Tue. Surabaya is located in further east than Jakarta or Jogja therefore the sunrise here is much earlier.

This is the sky around 5AM. In Jakarta, 5AM equals to total darkness.

Awesome how things are different here and there!

Thank you family, for the fun short trip! Although I admit I was a bit fussy on Sunday morning (because I couldn't shit) but trust me my temper was very personal. It has nothing to do with all of us!

Thank you! I am very blessed!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Happy Bday to you sister!
    I always love short trip with yummy food!
    the cincau drink and tarts look yums!
    your sky photos are oddly satisfying hahaha

    1. Thank you thank you!! And happy birthday to you too!! :D
      It satisfy me as well! ^^


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