Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mid-Autumn Festival 2016★


Happy Eat Mooncake Day 2016!

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most beautiful night in entire year. Supposedly.

It is extremely cloudy tonight and it even rained so hard in the late afternoon. Weather has been extremely messy here that I don't even think we actually get summer this year.

I have been waiting since May and there was no a week that was clean without rain. There must be at least one rainy day.

Weather changes a lot, and I don't know whether people realise it that our world is shifting. We are going through tremendous change of climate and nature. Global warming is one of the infamous phenomenal occasion.

To prevent global warming is a bit too much for individuals like us (if you are one too) but we can always contribute something. We can start to save environment by using less plastic bag (like I have been using now), and avoid burning trash.

Especially burning trees. Or worse, hurting the nature for the sake of money.

It still disturbs me so much that all of these greedy people fail to understand that we owe nature more than we owe money. In the worst case nature can no longer gives us the essentials to live, can we depend on money to survive?

That is another thought for everyone. For me as well.

Anyway, back to Mid-Autumn Festival!

When I was in Pasar Atum Mall I saw so many people were selling Mooncakes. Looks soooo yummy and fattening!

And expensive as hell. Although the very pretty boxes tempted me to grab one.

But I decided not to buy any Mooncakes this year. My (riddikulus) reasons are:
* It is too expensive.
* It is extremely fattening. I am on diet now.
* It is good only if it is eaten in moderate amount. Cannot eat too much Mooncakes la, it becomes yucky after so many bites. Imagine the rich paste, salted egg yolk, and eat all of it in one go. I simply cannot.

But still. Mooncakes are so good! So pretty! So expensive as well.

I guess one Mooncake, once a year is okay?

Enjoy the Mooncake and Moonlight, everyone! I don't though. No Mooncake and the cloud is extremely thick.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I have just arrived home yesterday and I have not gone to the market or supermarket yet so I'm not sure if they're selling them still heheh
    I don't know if mooncakes are expensive here in Brunei since I never buy one. I usually got a taste when my boss shared some of hers with us at the office keke
    and about major climate shifts, I agree with you. I haven't done anything significant to contribute to saving the environment but I mostly just try not to liter. and minimize using plastic bags whenever I can. or trying to use recycle bag when shopping. :S still trying though
    hope you are still enjoying the festival with your love ones!

    1. Ahhh! They probably still sell some. And better, maybe in cheaper price! ;)
      I also very very seldom buy mooncakes, because the price is not equal to the taste (for me, heh). But a little mooncake, one or two is also fine!
      Yes! I have told myself to always bring eco bag anytime anywhere. It is mostly end up being useless as I really sometimes prefer plastic bag. Sometimes for wet/sticky food wrapper, I don't feel like using my eco bag because I feel pity :( I still sometimes use plastic bag because I can just throw it when it becomes dirty.
      Thank you very much, and welcome home!! :D


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