Sunday, September 18, 2016

Company's Anniversary Party!

I went to my Company's Anniversary Party on Saturday!

The party took place in a very very unexpected place:

Prambanan temple!

I coincidentally went to this very temple eight months ago. Things have not changed very much. This time I entered from the behind gate, since the Anniversary Party took place on the land behind the temple.

I walked through this very road months ago, only from different direction!

I arrived quite early. There were already some people there and I managed to meet my bosses!

Employees were allowed to bring their plus one to the party, so I, without thinking longer, brought my plus one as well! Make use to enjoy the party la!

The weather was entirely cloudy whole day. Actually kinda perfect since it was not sunny hot at all. Breezy, chill and a bit cool!

It was perfect for a lot of people to gather, laugh and dance together. It was so so vast.

Many free snacks are provided as well.

Not long after then dusk came, and the stage started to heat up. While the stage started to be crowded, my plus one and me grabbed our dinner before it got too crowded.

There were mini games stand too. I saw this cute shooting ducky game and I tried it.

*shoot* and *hit*

I hit the ducky in one try la!

For real! I don't bluff!

I usually suck at this kind of thing but that time, each particle of my body had already got the feeling of shooting the ducky down.

And I hit the ducky la!

Boss manager was there and gave me the prize!

I am so proud to shoot a ducky!

Then I walked to the stage to watch song performances. The girl in pixie cut had a very very beautiful voice! So I was stunned and watched her.

Wild Pikachu appeared!

Forced my plus one to take an emo pic of me, watching a performance alone.

It rained through the evening but it didn't decrease the spirit of the employees to heat the stage!

And it was seriously my first time to see Prambanan temple at night! Very amazing, right?!

The view of heated stage with lit Prambanan temple under rain, it was a great night!

I had so much fun! Thank you Company for the awesome night. I enjoy working with you all. May you have a great future!

Lots of love ♥


  1. beautiful sight indeed!
    very nice outdoor party.
    ours is often indoors. not that I'm complaining hehe
    it must feel like watching a rock concert! *head bangin*

    1. Lol! Tbh I prefer staying indoor sometimes. Especially in rainy day like that day.

      But it couldn't be helped. They held the event for employees and their families, outdoor is the most viable option to comfortably contain all of us.

      Indeed, there was some rock touch *join head bangin*


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