Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 33rd and 34th morning skies.

◆Week 33rd◇

It was public holiday on Wed (17th) so I made use of the day to woke up really late. Therefore, no pic.

Another week of hecticness, should I say.

Project was entering rush week therefore all of us have to fix the growing bugs to 0 opened bug. I shall be super grateful because my colleagues were all awesome and super pro. They also helped me a lot although the bugs assigned to me didn't have high severity.

I have been going home late as well thanks to the pile of work. I mostly enjoy it although my body reached its limit a few times and I got to fall asleep without having the chance to dry my hair?!

I have never been able to see sunsets anymore so if any of you get to see pretty ones, please send it to me?

◆Week 34th◇

Still another busy bee week. Had to email so many foreigners, asking for confirmations. I always get to write too, overly friendly emails to them--I think I write way too many useless sentences due to friendliness. I mostly get very short replies, and I am very fine with that.

But there was this one time that I got a very friendly reply. With a :) as well!

So I added his Skype and we chatted back and forth pretty well--about work for sure. It is like half a day difference timezone between us so we never really talked real-time but seriously he was so friendly! And I am very grateful of that!

Besides friendly, he is also very very helpful! One of the kindest helpful colleague among other colleagues I contact through email. I feel like I am so blessed!

By the way,

I think I will make the recurring morning sky posts this way. Although the sky looks smaller, it saves a lot of my bandwidth storage.

And apologies for the less post this month. I am beyond busy and I don't do other social media. You can always drop me an email to say hi btw.

Have a nice weekend, everypawdy!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I love your morning sky pictures eps when u put them like that. It shows how every morning, a new/different sky is shown!
    Dont be sorry having less post when you're so busy with your real life 😂😂 i know the feeling :p

    1. Heheh! I think I also like it this way! XD
      Thank you very much!

      Yesss ;__; I wanted to post more but my life now revolves between work and sleep so I have nothing much to write. Besides, I prefer sleep more nowadays XD


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