Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 31st morning skies.

Here you are!

It has been a while, readers!

Unfortunately, this month my team is assigned to a features update project so this month I'm gonna be a very, incredibly cute busy bee~

Ok la not so cute but to make me happy, somewhat cute can be accepted right?

It is my first time working on features update project so I am so excited!

We have strict deadline to chase and we cannot tolerate any tardiness. Therefore I suspect I won't have time to go online and chill except weekends; except I don't need to sleep longer than usual because sitting in front of monitors more than 40 hours a week is very tiring, especially for my eyes which are weak to begin with.

I might have to stay at office longer than usual but the nice thing is that we can access games starting from 6PM so I can relax in the evening.

I also got to know several Canadian designers to work together so it sounds so much fun! They also sound so nice so I am looking forward to their replies and us working together!

Will draft some scheduled posts but replies might be a little bit late. I have read all of the unmoderated comments and wish to reply them as soon as possible!

Thank you for always coming for a read!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Just found your blog today. It's so lovely<3 Looking forward to reading your new post:)

  2. YOU ARE BACK!!!
    welcome back even for a short while.
    best of luck for your next work project! hwaiting!
    i know this well (that you often will forget when you're too busy) but do take care ;)
    Looking forward to your next post ^_^v

    1. I am so busy unni T.T I wanted to write so many things but I only end up uploading pics.

      Thank you thank you!! You always care about me! I am so happy! I hope to write more soon~ And always love reading your posts!


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