Friday, August 12, 2016

Quality time six♥

I spent five days in Jakarta at the end of July.

Despite of it being extra exhausted, it was overall so fun I forgot about my responsibilities for a while.

My producer messaged me a while during my holidays and I half-heartedly reply him. Sorry not sorry

There won't be detailed post since it is way overdue by now. I didn't post live updates on social media network and I was late for around two weeks in writing this so I lost detailed memories.

But I took pics, so I can slightly reminisce what happened:

Day #1

Left house at 04:15AM and it was overall a very smooth journey with less than 5% rate of traffic jam. Bought Pizza Hut the night before we left because I just happened to crave pizza so I enjoyed the super strong pizza taste on our way!

Mum hated it so much though, lol.

T-3 hours, I happened to have carsick again for unknown reason. It has been struck me for a while that recently I get carsick on long roads--more than 8 hours--while I used to be perfectly okay.

Now that I think about it, I started to get carsick when we entered the long, hundreds KM of highway.

I am totally okay with driving long hours though.

Upon reaching, Uncle Sea treated us fish soup for dinner! We ate at Sop Ikan Batam; which I guess is the Batam style of fish dishes?

It was good!

The light fish soup was my favourite; probably because I was still in carsick state. Besides, I have always been loving soup and steamed dishes.

The ngohiang was also good. The veggies as well. I didn't try the spicy fish dish because, you know--you're right--I don't like spicy food and I don't eat white rice therefore I skipped tasting the salted fish fried rice.

Looking like shit but we were still happy we got to have this holiday!

Then we went to the nearby supermart (was a new supermart here!) and I really loved the bread corner. It smelt yummy to death!

Also, look at the very cute pink shopping stroller!

Arabian sweets! It is extremely sweet, couldn't eat too much.

The roll cakes looked so yummy and it was surprisingly so cheap! It was not too big as well. Just nice!

And this drink corner. Look at it! So satisfyingly tidy!!

A security guard stared at me sharply when I took this pic. Nervous to the max! *run away*

And the thoughtful car park!

It was so bright and nice! Hard to think that a year ago this place was nothing but empty land.

Day #2


Was hesitating between going to Puncak or to Mangga Dua.

Then we finally decided we would not spend a night in Puncak so we went to Mangga Dua. I wanted to check on the PC store my friend told me before so I sent him a message, asking what is the store name and which floor is it.

Turned out he was about to go to Mangga Dua too!

Plain coincidence?

I don't know, but I was so excited to meet my former classmate la!

Without much effort we then met up in front of the store. I then bombarded him with questions regarding DIY PC because he was one of the most reliable person I could ask.

Spent like two hours in random Mangga Dua alley talking and debating about DIY PC, friend was also very very helpful! Kindly help me googled about so many necessary things.

I never know I am blessed with so many good friends all around me!

That time he was also buying his motherboard too and he let me hold it for the first time! It was damn heavy and I couldn't remember what was the name.

But it sure looked awesome.

And now I regretted I didn't take pic with that super expensive motherboard.

Ate this yummy yummy chicken noodle at Mangga Dua my family often comes here. This time I had the yummy fried wonton with the yummy sweet and sour sauce.

Sweet and sour dishes are my favourite la!

Day #3

Puncak let's go!

Do you know that they have this one-way system that every few hours the lane is used for one way only. It is done to avoid massive traffic jam in such curvy and relatively dangerous roads.

Look at that queue! They stayed there for an hour or two.

That time we were lucky because the lane was opened to go to Puncak highland so we just nicely drove our way without needing to stay in car for a good few hours.

The view was awesome! It has always been.

Just like usual, Uncle Sea wanted to buy another potted flowers so we stopped by this store and look at those pretty, pretty flowers.

Pretty flowers are the best in pots, not in a bucket.

Hello! I woke up at 5AM so I looked like shit. *cover face*

It is a newly built villa. So huge one!

Love love love nature view. Especially the ones without skyscrapers.

Spent our morning and afternoon at the villa where we enjoyed the breezy wind, beautiful view and yummy beef satay.

The good thing was that time the weather was not too breezy so I enjoyed the day entirely. You know I don't like extremely cool weather.

Then, on late afternoon we drove back. It was raining hard.

Emo style pic? Lol.

And we kena the one-way road system.

Had to stop our car for around an hour before we could drive back. Inside car we played games and had so much laughters I had to hold pee for so so long.

Outside there were snack sellers, hoped that we, as we waited for the one-way road system to switch, would buy the snacks.

It was raining hard, and we were hungry, so we bought the super good-looking 油条.

It turned out super good (thanks to the hard rain, breezy weather and us being hungry!)

Thanks to the massive traffic jam going down from highland, we then decided to have dinner in Puncak.

We decided to have our dinner at Cimory Riverside. Uncle Sea was so excited, and so were all of us. I mean, this restaurant was super crowded (me: what a turn-off wtf) but also, looked so interesting!

As its name implies, this restaurant is located right beside a flowing river. I seldom see rivers so it was so exciting for me!

Also, the breezy weather made everything better.

The themed restaurant is combined with a themed store, themed sausage stalls, themed hang-out place and also interesting place to walk around and take pictures.

Cimory is a very famous brand of yogurt and milk. And before I only know these products, I didn't know they also have their own cheese, sausages, meat, etc etc.  Dairy and meaty products.

The yogurt is so nice, I often buy it! I never buy the milk but I assume it is equally nice since one of my friend told me the milk is really really good.

I am currently having a very sensitive gut as people say: lactose intolerant so I have been avoiding milk.

River view is something unfamiliar for me, but it is surely so soothing. The sound of flowing water, the breezy wind and the smell of nature in movement: all is so peaceful and kind.

Took pic, just because. Look at fat die me.

No problem, have been drinking oats now. Will slowly fix my metabolism.

The restaurant was suuuuu-per crowded. We had to queue for 12 people before we were seated. The atmosphere was nice. Breezy weather made everything better alright!

Cimory Riverside. There is one more Cimory: Cimory Mountain view. It is the same themed restaurant, only we get to see a very beautiful mountain view instead of river.

Ordered this chicken, erm, I forget! but it was so nice. The mayo was not like the normal salty mayo but the sweet mayo. Even better! And fattier! All guilty pleasure feeling I had that evening!

Their famous sausages. I normally don't really like sausages but this one was nice. I only took one bite.

Their own processed meat products. I didn't buy any because I am not a fan of processed meat.

This is called: Chicken Grenade. Lol.

Day #4


Had a date appointment with my BFF so we met up at Central Park la. She ponteng her work to meet me omg why so nice?

So I die die had to dress good and look as good as possible.

Not so good I had to photoshopped my fat die cheeks. But still okay.

We had burgers (didn't take pic because I was starving and had my attention at us--my bad habit everytime I meet someone I like so much, forget to take pics) and had so much hearty talks.

I have been going through so many pressures in my mind, alone. I thought it was all so depressing and such until I talked it out--suddenly, it all felt like nothing.

Suddenly, when I really talked it out, it all didn't matter anymore. I was stupid for worrying over such things.

I am not the type that talk about my problems out. It feels humiliating, having to let people know about what worries me.

To put it simple, I don't like people knowing what makes me sad and weak.

I guess this is the secretive side of me, I have always been this dishonest and I always deny it. Now I think I can slowly accept it.

I am not an honest girl.

Which means I mostly don't let people know what's really going on inside my head.

Even so, I don't lie. I despise lies and liars, liars are the worst.

Thank you BFF for teaching me how to let things go and how should I deal with myself. I learn so many things from you, I owe you so many things! Next time I shall return the kindness!

And by the way, happy late birthday to you!! Hope you like the simple present I bought. I had no time to browse around stores to choose and I liked it so I bought it for you.

Day #5

Our last full day in Jakarta.

Sis fell sick because she was so greedy pig the night before, ate the spoilt sambal. So we went to eat something light: lomie.

She was very sick so she had zero appetite. What a waste! I ate her portion of lomie and everything else.

It was great! I ate too much garlic that I was sure I smelt like one, but no regret.

The next day we all drove back home, fetched poor Miki at petshop and I slept early since I have to go to work the next next day. Had to settle so many problems!

It was so fun to be able to spent holidays like this with my family. Since now I have less-flexible schedule, I really really treasure these kind of holidays!

And the timing was perfect, I am fully busy this entire August so I am ready to give it my all!

Lots of love ♥


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