Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy levelling up Dad!

And he didn't remember it at all! LOL.

It has been on my mind for a while that I wanted to give him a present he needed the most: a new HP.

So in the morning I went to shopping mall with Mum and we immediately bought a new HP:

I have to say, this HP is great!

Knowing that it was only $190 (IDR 1,900,000), it has equally same, or even better--in some aspects--than my current $260 (IDR 2,600,000) HP!

I don't know about most of you my kind readers, but I never spend more than $300 (IDR 3,000,000) for a HP up to today. So far, my current $260 HP is my most expensive one and it gets tiring now with bloated RAM and storage.

And my work demands me to have high-end HP to test our softwares so I might need to upgrade my HP to a better one.

Also, my HP camera sucks to the max after I upgraded to Lollipop so fml? I have been taking pictures with Ginny mostly and sometimes it is not convenient at all if I want to send pictures to people one.

But not now, I don't need a new HP, yet.

Dad was shocked when he knew I bought him a new HP and kept saying he didn't need a new HP. But as my entire family are using mostly Line now, we think Dad needs to get a new HP to get himself to start using Line too. Hahaha.

So, happy levelling up Dad! Stay healthy and happy!

P.S. I know you were trying the front camera.

Lots of love ♥


  1. HP gua paling mahal tuh NExus 5, waktu itu harganya 4 jutaan. Tapi ya biasa kalo beli gadget, gua mikirnya beli yg bagusan dikit, supaya tahan lama hehehe

    1. Ini bener banget! Aku beli laptop juga beli rada mahalan dan udah 5 tahun dia masih enak banget. Kalo HP aku untuk sekarang cuma butuh untuk chat sih jadinya ga terlalu high-end gapapa. Lagian utk foto aku ada kamera sendiri =)

  2. Btw, gua masih harus belajar lebih banyak dari lu. Gua belum pernah beliin ortu gua HP wkwkwk. Your dad must be so proud of you =)

    1. Hahaha it doesn't matter ko! Dia kaget berat aku beliin HP ahaha. Yang penting tulus aja, hadiah apapun ortu juga pasti bangga <3

  3. Happy Levelling Up Jessica's appa!!
    I wish all my friends and family uses Line too coz i love all the emoticons!!

    1. Gomasumida AzNur unni!! <3
      Yes I know right! My colleagues all are using Whatsapp sadly. My uni friends and my family are using Line though. Line is so fun! =D


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