Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Out for a while!

I will be out for a while until August, which means there won't be any new blog posts for around next 2 weeks. 😄

Unfortunately, I won't be logging in any other social network sites at all during then. Save your effort to look for my social network sites because you will find nothing there.

I am not going to post anything else at all. I am not going to do things like live updates or daily pictures.

I will temporarily shut myself off from Internet and social network sites for two weeks. (I will still log in LINE PLAY daily though) Weirdly I am so excited!

However I am still available through my contact form and e-mail. Should you have any urgent inquiries, contact me by those. Also if you have my contact number and LINE, you are free to leave a message to me! Erm, although it will take me some time to reply.

✨ ~(=^._.^) excuse me meow, taking a shortcut meow ~(=^._.^) ✨

By the way,

Allow me in this post to promote you my Patreon! ✨

For now I am thinking to work on my Patreon which has been up for a while.

I will continue to draw for free for everyone. I will learn new skills, new softwares and improve my doodles to be something more majestic and presentable!

However, in order for me to be able to focus my precious time in improving my skills, I hope for your support in helping me growing. 🙏

Moral supports is very welcomed! Any e-mails and messages written to me are all treasured and loved. Financial supports is also welcomed only if you don't mind doing it recurringly.

Besides, your help won't go to a waste! You will get exclusive, semi-raw and personal drawing notes from me which I don't post anywhere else. If you prefer something else, you can always contact me and I will think about making your demand comes true!

For a mere $1 monthly, you can get high-resolution doodles from me! If you are aspiring to learn from growing artists like me, you can going up to second tier ($5+) to get exclusive clean line arts, .PSD files and WIP + notes of all my doodles. 😉

Once a certain goal is reached, I plan to open up a new third tier ($9+) in return to a complete, long long Video Process. You will be able to see how I brainstorm, how I sketch, how I colour step by step and how I improve. Everything will be on the Video Process which will be available exclusively only for my Patrons!

As for this month, I am currently busy thanks to my full-time job that I cannot do anything much for my Patreon. I pledge to start making more time for my Patreon on August onwards, and will welcome anyone wants to board to my ship of improvement.

If you want to support me with things other than money, you are also very welcomed! Contact me and tell me what do you love from my doodles. You can also send me unlimited suggestions and I will make sure to treasure each and every suggestion you give me. It means a lot to me!

You can follow to my doodle updates on my Patreon, my main drawing source.

To make it convenient to you, you can follow my drawing Facebook page.

Alternatively, I will put some of my doodles here.

Note that all of my drawings are copyrighted by me and I don't allow any commercial usage.

Thank you very much! And see you next month! 👋

Lots of love ♥


  1. 2 weeks?! too long!!
    but I guess its time to rejuvenate; take time away from the net.
    when you said you'll be active on LINE i was like, "yeah, i tot I saw notification of your 'heart' " LOL

    anyway, hope you're having a good time in the sun -- wait a minute


    1. LOL LOL ya I still daily log in LINE play to spread hearts! <3 Hahahahaha.
      Ah, I didn't play pokemon go much. But I play, but it wastes so much battery on me I don't like it XD do you play??


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