Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mid year madness.

We are in the middle of 2016! Literally.

And probably that is the cause of this heat madness. I spent my weekend taking showers, will probably hike the water bill this month but it cannot be helped.

It has been an awesome week! Felt so happy for so many things. There were few bugs kept appearing in my bugbase and I spent my whole day killing it.

Days passed by really fast and I have been sleeping much better--bid farewell to my habit of waking up in the middle of night due to hunger.

But probably it is because of the meds.

I caught flu and cough entire week--not in my prime health. The cough was all mild and fine but the flu was horrible. I didn't take any meds for flu because I fell asleep very easily at work and I didn't want colleagues to see my sleeping face, just because. No way!

Then yesterday my flu seemed to be much better so I went KTV with Sis. Upon reaching home, my cough came back. Now I am having super horrible cough and sore throat thanks to it, maybe, wtf.

Hot weather and cough: not a really good combination.

I worked my best to cure the cough before Monday so I drink my cough syrup every time I am awake. But then I will fall asleep again for a few hours... Is awaken thanks to the hot weather... Take a shower... Eat something... Drink cough syrup... Fall asleep... Is awaken thanks to the hot weather again... And repeat.

That's how I spent my Sunday.

Also, artblock.

Been wanting to draw something simple since Friday but nothing came out well. I am so disappointed! I need a break.

This is why I am never interested in taking Art major / joining Art career. My artistic kick isn't present all the time.

But I consider this is a really good phase. Because I hate boredom and routines. I hate having to draw all the time. I need some lazy-pig days. Although I might probably cheat it because of my guilty feeling toward my body and buni buni tummy, I might start going gym again.

What's better than going to gym and sweat my depression all away inside gym?

Nope, it is the best feeling! While the weather is super duper hot, I think hitting gym daily is the best idea!

Anyway I lost 2kg from doing nothing in this super hot weather, so I guess it is not a bad thing after all?

And writers-block.

This will explain the lack post in this blog now.

Sky this week:

It has been super blue lately, right? And I like it!

It is Hari Raya Lebaran next week--and the festive celebration is all everywhere here! I am so excited!

Lots of love ♥

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