Sunday, July 10, 2016

Konayachi in Video Game Industry.

First of all, I haven't really written anything about my current work, have I?

So I started working in a Video Game company earlier this year. I started on February to be exact.

This is completely out of my plan; as I have been thinking to work in a consulting company since I studied really hard about Information System, management, business and SAP in my uni days.

Right after graduation I closed my mind and I applied only to some certain jobs that I defined as serious and complicated. The ones with very complex integration, and huge amount of data. I always imagine that it would be amazing to see charts and diagrams of all those! I like charts and diagrams.

Honestly, I like meddling into complicated problems, I like to analyze it myself how in the world do these problems happen. However, something in my heart--and it is pretty strong and convincing--told me that I want a full time job where I can juggle between a proper work and improving my drawing and art hobby. This will only possible if I can be guaranteed to have no work I must bring home to finish. Which means, the work that doesn't require me to give more of my time to it to the point that I have no choice but to abandon my hobby.

I think, Universe heard this little wish I didn't voice out! None from the multi-national company returned to me and invited me to more interviews. End of 2015 was the time when unemployment-vibe hit me so hardly that I literally everyone and everything. I applied random jobs like crazy and I was thinking probably, deep-down inside me that my 3.82/4.00 GPA was wrong and I actually was not supposed to graduate because if I did, why nobody see me as a potential? It was horrible.

Set that aside, now I am working fully around Video Games!

Video Game is a completely different thing from everything I have learned. It is not about learning what needs to be done and what needs to be solved within company's business goals. It is not about dealing with the complexity of people's mind and how to align everyone's necessities to one feasible and solid solution.

I think, it is about having fun, and making sure that everyone is going to have fun with our works.

Lots of people--especially gamers--dream of working in a Video Game company. I cannot blame them because most Video Game companies are all about playing games. The most required trait a Video Game company look for in candidates are: our passion in games. The rest depends on the vacancies and requirements.

A Video Game company needs gamers; especially gamers with lots of experiences. It is of course essential since our work is 90% about trying games and finding out how certain things inside the games work. Without passion in games, you'll get tired of the works very quickly because we work quite under several pressures of bugs, deadlines and requests and sometimes we will have to work overtime.

Of course, all of those are not a problem if you are a gamer. I mean, you would enjoy all those pressures of finding obstacles in finishing your game. And also, you wouldn't mind working overtime on your game because you love games!

But to be honest, I myself am not a hardcore gamer.

I love video games. But I don't have much experiences with consoles. Besides, I am not really that good. I can say probably I suck, but not really. I am pretty okay with some genres.

I mostly play PC games now. I didn't have PlayStation at all okay I was poor =( I played SEGA and Nintendo more than a decade ago, and mobile games are not my ultimate hobby.

My mobile game experience ah. I have several of it. Let me write it down while I still remember about it.

I played the fenomenal game Candy Crush Saga long time ago because mum plays it and she needs friends to heart lol. I gave up Candy Crush Saga on level 20 because I was not a hard-worker in puzzle games. I give up really easily.

I played LINE Fluffy Divers long time ago but sadly the developer stopped the support. It was my favourite mobile games wtf.

I played my first mobile RPG Machine Knights. It was awesome but not that long. I blog about that here.

I was playing tower-defense game LINE Ranger until I reached level 89 but then I gave up and uninstall the game because it took up so much space and it became crazy difficult after a major update (screw you developers).

For now, I am regularly playing LINE Tsum Tsum though not as often as before I start working. Now I only play on weekends before the server reset our scores and I always aim to rank #1 to earn 10k coins so I can pay for their premium gachas.

I hate gacha systems. Waste my money lol but that is what developers game love. That is what WE love. We love making gamers spend their money to our games, without them having the feel that they have spent their hardworking money on such thing.

But it is fair okay? We spend months working on our games, making it attractive enough so that it can place a special place in your heart.

And you spent a little of your earnings to feed us, to give us energy to create another game to entertain you.

Pretty fair, huh?

Anyway, as I said before, I play PC games the most.

The most loyal game I played was The Sims 3, I played it with motherlode (of course wtf) until sixth generation and I stopped for a while now because I got tired of it.

I played CS:GO for a few minutes then I felt nausea, giddy and I literally vomited and fell sick for a whole day wtf. Now I hate it to the max, LOL.

Okay so let's talk about me and my working team.

In my place, there are several teams working under one room. I happened to be assigned in Windows team: means that I am working on games for Windows platform, which is: Windows Phone and Windows 8/10.

My team consists of: one Producer, one Supervisor, (currently) five Programmers and one Designer.

I am the solo Designer alright!

Crazy not?! I studied Information System and now I become a Game Designer?!

Nope! I think it feels really nice! I learn something new everyday!

I feel so grateful with this because my team members are awesome and they are so kind, funny and helpful to me as the newest team member.

In a stressful Video Game company with high standard demands and pressures, we all need our escapes sometimes. We have joysticks prepared for us to play games whenever we feel frustrated. We play cards whenever we get so bored with our bugbase.

We also have an empty desk to worship our Gaming God:

The only God we 'worship': Lord Gaben. If you take this seriously you are sick bastard wtf.

In case you don't know: He is DotA's father wtf. Co-founder of Valve.

Besides Lord Gaben, the worshipping desk consists of: collection of wedding invitations, cards, Happy Meal toys, plastic spoons and EURO Cup score sheet. LOL.

And as you may have guessed, in my team everyone is a DotA player except me.

And they start telling me to install DotA in my PC so in their next quest they can include me in the team. Wtf wouldn't I be in your ways? I suck okay!

So far I have been saying "Uhhhh let's see later?" because I am quite sure I will get giddy in DotA just like when I play CS:GO but who knows someday I am gonna lose my DotA virginity.

So, Konayachi plays DotA: okay or not okay?

For now I still say "nope". To play everyday for me is a bit too much. Because all DotA players I know play almost everyday and I am not interested in joining the team if I have to play everyday. I feel very sick only by hearing it.

By the way, I am thinking to start writing about games reviews and insights from Video Game Developer perspective, erm, from Video Game Designer perspective.

I think this will be quite interesting, plus, improving my experience and helping me combating my current writing-block.

And Friday morning sky, another pretty cloudless sky:

Wait a second.. Did I just capture something??

Hello there! Mr Birdy? Or Mr Ducky? OMG so cute ar?!

Lots of love ♥


    (sorry, I'm just excited. and shocked)
    I soooooo love to have your job!

    Just like you, I am not a hardcore gamer. but I have 3 brothers, so I caught on a little.
    We used to have Playstation 1 and I played Crash Team Racing and Tekken 3 a lot.
    but Playstation 2 came out and we couldn't afford it *HAHAHAH and that's the end of my console game life.
    I mean, I did play at my friend's house but that was very seldom.


    you have an awesome job! beat working at a normal office, at least. and the overtime would be worth it.

    1. LOL LOL! Love to read your comment!
      I see! You are so lucky indeed! Yeah same case to me too, we couldn't afford to PS at all that time. I ended up borrowing my cousins' and I had so much fun!
      Okay! I will try to make the game posts as much and simple as possible! (I hate complicated things as well lol)
      Yes! I know right! I think I take it for granted but I hope slowly I will completely love my current job! Hope for the same and better for your job as well AzNur! Thank you very very much!


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