Monday, July 18, 2016

Gadget fair at JEC.

I am buying a brand new gaming PC.

Hahahaha I know above is a really huge dream that it scares me, but I know I am going to buy it! I have even written the specs I really want and I want to invest to it a little bit more since I have expected to use this PC for at least 5 years. #lawofattraction

So upon long thoughts and calculated it so many times with my friends, I have settled down to a $1,600 (IDR 16,000,000) worth of gaming PC set.

I know it sounds crazy but no matter what I will get it. I have even planned the brands, the arrangement and what I am gonna do with it.

So to draw me closer to achieve this dream of mine, I attended a Gadget Fair at JEC after work for researching purpose.

Bright moonlight!

The fair consisted of two rooms: Gadget fair and Food fair. Visited both! Entrance ticket was $.8 (IDR 8,000).

Spotted this funny and somewhat cute Indomaret truck! XD

Also spotted Alien vs. Predator human-sized figures. Love figures!

And cheapo USB sticks. But since I already have one for $3 (IDR 30,000) so I didn't take a look further, although some of the sticks there were much prettier with not so much different price from mine.

Lots of love ♥

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