Saturday, July 2, 2016

Conjuring 2 and KTV!

Sis comes home after half a year away, so we welcomed her back by:

Watching Conjuring 2.

It was a nice movie.

My experience with Conjuring 1 was good. It was the first and so far the only movie which I literally screamed inside the cinema out of fear. I couldn't find my blog post where I wrote about Conjuring weirdly.

Really really weird! Cannot believe I didn't blog about Conjuring 1!

But I am sure I watched Conjuring 1 in cinema.

I mean, we can say that a movie is successful when it can scare us, or make us cry, or make us so happy that we can talk about it for weeks. Conjuring 2 is one of the movie in this category. It scared me to death!

Not to mention that I grabbed Sis' thigh so many times because I was so scared. Usually every time I watch horror movies, I would laugh some scary scenes out to calm myself. In Conjuring 2 case, no laughter came out from myself.

I was super terrified.

Unglam face before watching. I had uneasy feeling about the movie--turned out it scared me to death!

But I can say, it is a really good movie. Good, in scary way.

And I don't really recommend it to people who don't like horrors because it is really scary lol. My colleagues all don't like horrors so they watched Finding Dory instead.

And I haven't found Dory yet :(

Planned to find Dory today with Sis but halfway we decided to sing at KTV instead.

I still have my flu so I couldn't sing much, but Sis then choose encore songs and we both screamed out throats out that when we left KTV I hurted my throat so much.

We sang so many old songs: Super Junior/It's You, DBSK/With All My Heart, DBSK/Kiss The Baby Sky, DBSK/O Jung Ban Hap, DBSK/Rising Sun, SHINee/Lucifer. Myself sang old anime songs: Do As Infinity/Deep Forest, Do As Infinity/Song of Truth, Kiroro/Aitai, Kiroro/Best Friend, Kiroro/Ao no Jumon, Kiroro/Fuyu no Uta, Kuraki Mai/Secret of My Heart.

In case you are very free and alone, I recorded a few seconds of me singing with runny nose and sore throat:


I am not a good singer, aren't I?

Treated ourselves Dory's friends because we weren't hungry enough, but greedy enough to munch something!

Anyway it was a tiring week because I was down with flu entire week--and random bugs appear to kill every now and then.

Also, had a very encore KTV session!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Conjuring 2 was the movie I watched that had me 'berbuka puasa' inside the cinema. LOL and I was the only one screaming during one scary scene! I was so embarrassed after that hahaha
    I found Dory! you should quickly watch that movie..its worth the watch *thumbs up
    anddd your voice is nice! I wish I could go out and spent hours in a kbox (its similar to KTV xD) but we no longer have them in Brunei :(

    1. Hahahahaha!! Same thing happened to me la! Don't worry XD
      Nooooo it seems like I am the only one who hasn't found Dory D:
      Hahahahaha. Sore throat for a few days after that! Tsk tsk. Well why? How about going to neighbor country for Kbox? :O


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