Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cloudless sky!

Today is the last day of fasting month!

I still come to work. Many of my colleagues are taking a week off because of the holiday season and since I am still quite new here I didn't take any days off this week.

Got some difficult work to cope today, but since we lack of people today at office so there was nothing much we could do. I did my best but it seemed like the root of the problem is far deeper than I could think of. And the only programmer I could rely on went back super early.

I guess it is our relaxing week after all!
I am so happy! Today is so beautiful! The sky is 100% cloud free!


And exactly 9 hours later:

Completely cloudless!

I love cloudless sky the most! Cloudy skies are pretty, but my favourite is cloudless sky! It feels magical. It feels like the sky waits for me to explore it deeper and further without restriction!

Cloudless sky will always show clearer stars! And I love it so much--the very clear starry sky.

It is totemo totemo pretty! One of my most favourite thing in this world!

And we are having two days off tomorrow and Thursday for Hari Raya Ramadan celebration.

Happy Ramadan my friends! I hope you are enjoying the festive celebration!

Lots of love ♥


  1. great!


  2. thank you so much Jess! I hope you had a festive holiday too!
    it's ok that you get to work on Friday; I pray that it would still be a relaxing day for you since others might be busy celebrating Hari Raya still (^▽^)
    and that blue sky. they are pretty magical during the night like you said but I think it's very hot during the day, isn't it? {•̃̾_•̃̾}

    1. You're welcome!! Glad you had great celebration!!
      And yeah, it is crazy hot during the day here as well!! >.<


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