Sunday, June 19, 2016

This week in a post.

First of all, nothing much. I was so relaxed and happy. Didn't have too many demands on my work side, also housechore was a breeze.

1. Had an overall sunny week.

Cloudless skies are the best! Saikou desu.

Which is great!

Although yesterday it rained kitty and puppy whole evening that it was so perfect to cuddle... With own pillows.

Wait, did I just say rain? In the middle of the year? Haiz.

2. I have been watching this Korean Drama which is currently airing: School 2015. 

I watched this for a while last year but since our local TV airs it again, I spent my good one hour every evening at 19:00 to watch it.

My main focus is actually the handsome tall broad swimmer Han Yi An!

I love swimming. I was an athlete and I will never forget that feeling. I also love athletic men, I love looking at them playing: football, basketball, swimming, running and anything else that involves physical strength.

Specifically, I love looking at male swimmers for some reasons that are hard to explain: broad shoulders, tall posture. Being topless every now and then--I like topless guys okay don't question me. I love staring at them--not in a sexual way, but I love to see through their hot body and skin, see the fiery soul within them, see their hard work and dedication, see their sharp eyes and their firm mindset.

Forgive me because I love xray-ing people like this, especially men.

I just generally like men who have obsessions, and it doesn't have to be sports. Video games, motorcycles, animal welfare, and many more. Looking at them doing what they love really warms my heart. It is something I cannot found inside me as a girl; I think way too much and I am way too careful about certain things.

This is my first time having male lead as my favourite, which usually I always root for second male lead.

The girl lead Lee Eun Bi didn't really leave big impression to me. She is cute, and skinny and nice and lovable but that's it. Also, I prefer her with the second male lead Gong Tae Kwang instead ah.

3. Mum occupies the TV every night: Euro 2016.

She will kill me if she knows I posted her pic like this. XD

And look at how cosy Miki doggy is with her?

Mum spoils her the most la, while Dad scolds her every now and then, and I sometimes use her body to clean my foot hahaha.

After drama School 2015 finishes (20:00) then we switched the TV channel for Mum to watch Euro 2016. Remember how she is a big fan of footballs and most importantly, Europe footballers!

That's why she quoted this: "Euro Cup is actually way better than World Cup."

I agreed with her because in every World Cup, I personally always root for Germany and sometimes Netherlands. Only those two. Have no interest with other teams.

Dad sometimes joins us too, and I usually don't join her full time because I always fall asleep after 9PM.

Mum always introduces me to 'hot players' and weirdly I become so obsessed with them as well.

Let's say during England and Wales match. Mum unanimously roots for Wales because of this man:

Gareth Bale!

She confessed that before she 'know only' Gareth Bale but in this Euro Cup he tied his hair in a bun then Mum all so sudden became his biggest fan.

Note: Mum loves guys with long hair. It is my total opposite. I hate long-haired guys wtf.

By the way, didn't watch the Germany matches because it is always aired at 2:00 in the morning so I prefer to sleep more. Mum watched it though.

4. Miki doggy shits in my bedroom.

Read: here.

Squeezing her congor. She doesn't seem really happy.

Excuse me, do you enjoy your new bed?

And I still love her okay? Don't you dare to say I bully her.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Waaaah serius pernah jadi atlit renang? Keren abis! (keren di bagian pernah jadi atlitnya lho, bukan bagian seneng ngeliatin cowok topless. \:p/
    Seems you have a great week, though. \(w)/

    1. Yep. Cuma berapa tahun aja hahaha. Ikut lomba juga cuma dapat perunggu aja, nothing to be proud of :P
      Yeah. Hopefully you too~!

  2. X3 i always love to hold doggie's congor fufufu~

    so much fun to see their expressions

    1. Me too! Doggie congor is sooooo nice to hold XD
      They don't like it you know.


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