Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Sunny June.

Despite of two rainy and cool nights, it was overall so sunny this week!

I guess I have been taking morning sky pics recently. Nowadays I everyday dismiss myself after sunset so I don't get to see pretty sunsets. Sadz.

There were two chill and raining nights in between this sunny week which were extraordinarily cosy to sleep on. After a long, tiring and hot sunny day, having a chill and raining night to tuck on blanket and sleep was so perfect to end the day.

And on those two nights I had extremely painful stomachaches I lao sai an hour straight wtf.

This is not uncommon. Since the longest my memory I can recall, I always shit my gut away everytime I am faced with cool temperature, fans and aircons. Sleep through the night with fan or aircon switched on, I will most likely wake up an hour earlier than usual to spend my time sitting on toilet, shit my guts away.

Ironically, I cannot sleep without fan or aircon. I need to listen to the sound of fan or aircon. They produce low and calming sound for me to fall asleep faster. Do you know that when you are in a completely quiet environment, you start to listen to random ringing sounds in your head?

I hate that ringing sound. I hate total quietness. This explains my attachment to fans and aircons. If you are going to sleep with me, I hope you understand this. I hope you can bear fans and aircons.

Even in the coolest nights I would still switch the fan on throughout the night because without it I wouldn't be able to fall asleep at all. This is the cause of my guts dying--but I really don't want to fix it. I prefer spending an hour sitting on toilet, having mild fever because of stomach ache to listening to those ringing sounds in quiet environment that drives me crazy.

And thankfully I think I start to get used to this stomachache so that I could proceed to enjoying the rest of my day without having to behave like I just escaped death. The stomachache was so horrible that I murmured lots of prayers such as:

"I will not be picky in food again"
"I will say I love you to my parents" (I never do this before okay)
"I will say what I feel and I won't hide anything"
"I will be more honest"
"I will enjoy my life, if I am given the second chance" (this was chanted when I was dying in the bathroom because of my guts killing me)

This makes me wonder whether I can actually fulfill one of my dream (and dreams of everyone who lives in equator)--can I see snow?

My dream is to see my first snow in Japan. As Japan culture lover, I think this is a pretty realistic dream compared to my dream to go to Europe. But having to hear all these terrorist attacks everywhere in this world, I don't think I want to go holiday too far.

But Japan is still my ultimate wish; I won't die before I go there at least twice. I mean, I can set aside HongKong and Seoul because I need to reach the "Visit Japan" milestone in my life first.

With my sensitive stomach, can I make it?

I will make it, I don't care whether I have to take a note of 100 nearest public toilets in Tokyo, I will go to Japan. Hopefully next year I will start to make this comes true.

Morning pic after escaping death. I was late to work that day but I took pic--what the? Haha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. coz taking selfie when you are late is a must, right? hahaha
    i know i shouldnt laugh but you praying while having your 'guts' out is so funny! but I know exactly the pain you were in! Stomach Ache is the worst!
    and 'ringing noise' freak me out. like, when i hear that, i anticipate the sound of something creepy or the sort. i put on my headset and listen to music instead to drown the quiet away. :S

    1. Yeah it is a must! LOOOOOL
      Hahahaha it is kind of a habit of mine--the stomach ache was crazy painful and I didn't want to cry because of it so I was thinking I was in a near death situation and I asked or forgiveness and second chance to live, with a better attitude.. So I prayed weird stuff ahahaha. Yeah! I am glad I am not the only one. The ringing noise drives me crazy. Only music and machine sound would drives it away.. I cannot sleep in total quietness XD


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