Saturday, June 25, 2016

The calm before the storm.

It actually happened this week that it was pretty scary for me!

This week began overall the same like last week, less demand from my work though I required to assist programmers every now and then. But still, it was a breeze.

I could feel that the project status was unstable--there are changes every day. I consider this as something I need to understand because I realised that the project turnover is very high and fast-pacing. I need to tell myself a few times: it is going to be so not-boring! Yay!

Having been bored for past few weeks tired me to death--couldn't stay longer than 6PM because sitting in quietness without having any specific thing to do really bored me and my creative mind. Like I have mentioned millions of time here, I hate having nothing to do, it drains my energy faster than having normal activities. Also, time seems to pass much slower and I hated that.

It was all calm and breeze until yesterday.

On Friday, we had our daily meeting and I sorta felt this uneasy feeling. Then I realised there was one urgent task for me to do that need to be finished on next Monday or Tuesday.

Sudden come of the storm of work!

I surprised myself, I felt more excited than stressed! I enjoyed organising my to-do list, I enjoyed consulting other team members on the problems, I enjoyed asking help from my colleagues, I enjoyed having myself distracted from my Firefox browser and being fully occupied to the demanding work!

Guys, be honest, am I weird for enjoying myself being so busy?

I have no idea why, I just enjoy being busy much more than having nothing to do. It has been like this since the first day of my uni years.

I guessed I would finish all the work demanded by Monday, but weirdly by 4PM yesterday I almost finished everything. Weird, I know? Based on how the work was delivered to me I thought it would be crazy exhausting and stressful. I didn't know I almost completed everything before the end of Friday!

I was really proud of myself!

Pic of me being proud:

I know ever since a few years ago when I said I wanted to be an IS consultant, it was wrong. I think I look more like a designer than a consultant. And here I am, a full-time designer now! There is no way a consultant can show this kind of stupid face off! Nobody knows about our future, so chill out! To be very honest I didn't know I would be a designer although I was working so hard about system and business a few years ago. I literally learn from zero again now!

I will be much relaxed on next Monday and get myself all pumped to review and recheck all works I have finished on Friday! Meanwhile, there is nothing for me to worry this weekend because I have finished almost everything!

If I were to be scared of the storm, I will never be able to improve myself. I guess I have learned how to dance in the rain!

Slowly la. Because I hate getting drenched. I hate stress and pressure--it changes me completely. Though I can never prevent it not to come, but when it comes, I am fully prepared to enjoy it as well!

And this week's skies:

Calm and sunny Monday!

Calm and sunny Tuesday!

And I skipped Wednesday, I think because I went to work super super late.

Then a storm came on late Wednesday night.

It was storming hard, so scary! Just like the saying: the calm before the storm. It was perfectly calm and sunny before but on Thursday early morning it was crazy storming I squirmed under my blanket, was scared to death!

Thursday morning, after storm.

And another calm and sunny morning on Friyay!

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hope your weekend have been awesome so far.
    it's not weird that you find having a lot of work to do is fun. I think its 'calming'.
    During working hours, i prefer to be doing a lot of work than little work too.
    I used to stress about it but now I tell myself to 'just do it!' coz stressing over doesn't accomplish anything.
    So, your attitude during heavy work load is applauded!

    1. Yes! Juz do it! =D I hope it will inspire you~! Thank you very much!


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