Saturday, June 4, 2016

Restarting Inuyasha?

Considering the leisureness of my work this week and next week, my mind is free enough to be busy so it decided to travel through time, going through the nerves of memory stored in my brain.

I found my old gold: Inuyasha.

Thanks to brain asking me to look at Sesshomaru pics on Google images, I am now in KSBB (kelingan sing biyen biyen; remembering the past) state. *sob*

Inuyasha is one of the memory I treasured so much because it was the very first anime I supported. I bought the entire DVD series back then in around 2004.

Thanks to mum who supported me all the way watching Inuyasha!

Excluding the Final Arc okay.

I spoiled all of the DVDs because I moved house so many times la and I broke my heart looking at all those spoiled DVDs I bought (erm, mum bought)!

So I have decided to look for its entire series again. I need to watch Inuyasha again. From the very beginning to the end.

Even my sis who is not an avid anime-watcher like me said "if you want to watch Inuyasha wait for me la! I wanna watch it too! Inuyasha is so nice."

Mum also, "I wanna watch too! Also why you never use your Kagome costume? It is not cheap okay?!".

Dad somemore, "Wah, Yanuasha!"

Erm dad, is Inuyasha, not Yanuasha? LOL. But I am so happy you recognise Inuyasha!

So, I was Youtube-ing and watching Inuyasha OPs and EDs to remind me how did it feel when I marathoned Inuyasha.

Damn, the feelings are there!!

No wonder I was able to finish the entire episodes. Inuyasha is a masterpiece, it is the best then, now and forever!

So, this is a common question after watching Inuyasha's entire OPs: which one is your favourite?

I had a hard time thinking about this because when I decided on an OP to be my favourite, the new OP appeared and I grew to like it as well.

But after going through above clip a few times, I have decided on my two favourite OPs among all:

#1 OP 6: Angelus / Shimatani Hitomi
- Powerful girl singing. I like!
- So catchy?
- The OP clip: so much feels there!
- The showdown Inuyasha / Hakudoshi *drool*
- The hidden feeling of Sesshomaru / Kagura and they put them together in this OP clip!

#2 OP Final Arc: Kimi ga Inai Mirai / Do As Infinity
- Powerful girl singing. I like!
- Do As Infinity. I love Do As Infinity XD
- Kikyo only appeared for 2 seconds. The least among 7 OPs. I hate Kikyo. Lol.
- Last OP! So much feels!

There will be some Inuyasha posts in near future, just like my other anime posts. I believe Inuyasha deserve it in this humble blog.

Lots of love ♥

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