Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hedon Friday w/ colleagues!

My company gives us some budgets to have fun annually!

Since there will be some colleagues who will leave us soon, we all decided to have dinner together yesterday. It was also the best time because starting on Monday the fasting month will begin and it will be harder to find time to eat together leisurely.

We all had our expensive dinner at Mediterranian Restaurant, located in somewhere super far from office; but surprisingly close to my house.

But I didn't know the existence of this restaurant until yesterday.

I failed myself as Jogjanese Orz

I heavily relied on my half-died phone to command me there, luckily the Google Maps didn't say anything much because the road was 90% straight so it didn't waste battery to tell me when to turn right or left.

Besides it would have been useless because I had zero idea which side is left or right so I prefer looked at the visual la. Did I fail my kindergarten for not being able to define my left and right wtf?

I chose the most expensive menu (made use of the budget la) and ordered Entrecote Grille, Tartine Tomate Mozzarella and watermelon juice called Slimming juice XD

If you like steak thingies you will love this.

But I don't really like beef therefore I regretted ordering this. Struggled to finish all this and I almost fainted hahah.

I should have ordered pasta or pizza. The Tartine was so good I bet the pasta and pizza are equally, or more delicious.

There were only angmos there so it felt like we were the tourists rather than them? XD

I had fun and lots of laughters with everyone there (we dined together with around 20 people of us)!

Lots of love ♥

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