Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy levelling up mum!

It was mum's birthday on Friday, so on 5PM sharp I rushed out from my office. I bought blueberry cake, fetched dad at home and drove to mum's place which is an hour away from my house.

It feels weird.

I used to think that mum is only 20 years older than me. And now she is already in her mid 40s. Nah it is not weird at all, I am also already in my 20s now. I feel so old?!

Again, it is crazy how time flies!

My two most favourite people in this world! Dad and mum.

I have no regret leaving Jakarta and coming back home and work here with relatively adjustable salary. I get to be with them again. I love them so much, daisuki yo!

Mum was in a very good mood so she wanted to treat us fancy dinner! So since it was so late on Friday, we decided to have the fancy dinner on Saturday night.

Went to Hartono Mall's TaWan (again lol) and we ordered four dishes. Yay!


Again, my most favourite people in this world!

Took pic of me in my forever alone seat. Sis even said I looked like I was sitting on toilet, pushing hugeass shit zzz.

It was so yummy that I didn't have the temptation to buy takoyaki after dinner!

We also met aunty, jie jie with bro in law, cute nephew and gor gor with sis in law. It has been a while since we met them. So happy!

Happy birthday mum! May your business be well and stay happy and healthy, with dad and all of us.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Jess mom ^_^
    the cake! look so yummyyyy!

    1. Thank youuuu!
      Yes the cake was yummy. It wasn't sweet so I didn't feel guilty for finishing it XD


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