Friday, June 17, 2016

Doggy Disaster Day!

Wednesday morning.

I did my usual stuff: woke up late, sat on toilet for an hour because of stomach ache, took a quick shower, grabbed my biscuit and prepared to leave.

Dad was about to leave too and he reminded me to close my room door. I was in a hurry because I was very late (again) so I slammed my room door and left immediately.

Went to work and did my usual stuff when dad chatted me, so unusual of him:

Dad: this morning when you left got see Miki doggy?
Me: nope
Dad: you closed your room door right?
Me: ya la. Why?
Dad: she was locked in your room whole day alone la!
Me: huh? I didn't know!
Dad: ya la was wondering went home le why didn't see her.
She shit and piss on your bedroom all over, opened the door omg damn smelly!
Me: i duno! T.T
Dad: she didn't even woof even once or at least call me. She liked shitting on your room la. Your room must be so messy and smelly tsk tsk.
Me: noooooooooo!!
Sis: bully dog!!
Me: noooooooooo!!

Went home kena scold dad, and Miki didn't even lick me like the usual when I reach home la. She only sat on the chair and looked at me without expression.

She was angry at me? Doggy can angry meh? Lol.

Dad helped me washing and mopping my room all over and sprayed sickening amount of room freshener.

I then asked mum: "Miki kena scold?"

She said: "No la. Because this time it was not her fault. It is your fault right?"

I frantically answered: "My room smells like shit la! Why nobody didn't sympathize me even once?"

Mum laughed. It is funny is it because it was not her room that got shit all over?

Then at night she walked around became active like usual, and then entered my room and lied on her usual spot:

I shouted at her angrily: "Oi, buat apa kamu di sini? Shoo shoo" (en: Hey what are you doing here? Shoo shoo).

Unexpectedly Mum said from other side of house: "She stomach ache want to shit so she enter your room."

Thanks Mum.

By the way, pic above was old pic. The blue mat she uses to sleep on was thrown away by Dad because he said there was shit all over the mat.

I depended on the mat so much and now stupid doggy shit on it? Thanks doggy. I no longer have mat now.

Surprisingly today when I reached home and wanted to take a bath, I entered my room and saw a very pleasant surprise:

Surprise pink / maroon red HELLO mat!

Mum said: "Cannot find Hello Kitty cat mat but they had this HELLO mat instead. Good right? 'WELCOME' mat is boring right, how about HELLO mat?"

Lol, thanks mum.

Today on evening when I reached home Miki doggy already returned to her usual self and greeted me with full of joy, hitted my pubic bone a few times as well.

Thanks doggy. Aishiteru ♥

Lots of love ♥


  1. "She stomach ache want to shit so she enter your room." Muahahahaha. :))
    Makanya bersiin dong kamarnya. *kabur naik gojek*

  2. OMG! your reaction to your dog after their shitty business as the same as me when our house cats shit n piss in my room! thats why now, mom had enough (of me getting angry all the time for the smell n mess) and build them a house, outside of our house. LOL
    but we cant be angry at our pets so long, huh? coz they have a way to be so darn lovable!

    1. Lolllll. Do your kitties shit and piss in your room too? Lol I should hv built her her own house but she will destroy everything so we share our house with her XD Yeah! They have pure souls, how can we hate them. What we do to deserve pets <3


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