Thursday, June 2, 2016

A near-death experience.

I just had this experience last night.

I was having a hard time plucking out the dental screw screwed in my upper left (or right? Don't start me with this) gum by myself. I tried my best to pluck the screw out of my gum because I was going to meet my boyfriend and I didn't want him to see me with dental screw screwed inside my gum.

And I had no time to go to the dentist for plucking it out which I believe it would take ages to do.

It even looked so obvious in the mirror, it had almost same feeling with when I wore my braces 7 years ago. The appearance I didn't like.

After minutes of struggling without proper hygienic procedure of plucking out this screw I didn't remember what purpose it served, I finally plucked it out. Blood flew through my wrist, and then arms. I was never scared of blood so the fast flow of blood didn't scare me a bit.

It was then when I realised that there was this long string that was attached to the dental screw. When I pulled the screw out, the string came with it too.

But weirdly, the string didn't finish there. The longer I pulled the screw, the longer the string appeared.

Blood flew all over me more and more. I didn't care, it was not something that bother me. What bothered me was the string that didn't finish at all even after I pulled several metres of it.

I was tired of pulling the string with blood all over and boyfriend was going to come in any moment soon that I decided to go to a doctor to help me.

I then came to a familiar place, it felt like my high school. There was a group of young doctors standing by there. I knew some of them, I went to school with them. One doctor named Felicia (which was my high school friend and uni friend--although we took different majors) greeted me and said she would help me in plucking out the entire string too.

I requested her for it to be done quickly, and neatly because I was about to go for dinner.

She then prepared an injection to me, prepared the syringe and pointed it at my gum when I then grabbed her hand and I stabbed my own gum with it. With her hand.

I then injected the anesthetic liquid inside me. The entire syringe was done just within two to three seconds.

Doctor Felicia was horrified all over that I took in all the anesthetic liquid and she said it was very dangerous.

I, out of my consciousness, said "It doesn't matter. I am tired with all these things. I want it to end today for once and all."

I then start to lose consciousness, I could slightly hear that the doctors were in panic to revive me because my blood pressure dropped to 60/20 or something. The way they made a ruckus about it seemed so serious that it felt funny to me.

I felt so calm and comfortable instead. I didn't understand why, but despite of me going to pass anytime from that moment, I felt so wonderful.

I felt like I flew through buildings, went to my room, opened my laptop and was thinking to write a final post for my blog. I also was going to pre-pay my domain for 10 to 20 years ahead so that my domain is going to be there even without me.

I remembered receiving floods of comments shortly afterwards, most of them had weird names, such as "Greed", "Anger", "Jealousy", "Evil", "Revenge" etc. They all wrote similar things:

"Thank you! And good bye! I hope you have a great next life!"

I felt so happy reading all these comments and I thanked them back. Suddenly they appeared beyond me, in forms that were similar of myself. They smiled at me and waved me goodbye, hoped that I could be reborn to be a better version of me.

Then after they left, I suddenly felt a powerful pull from behind me. I then finally said to myself "Okay, I will leave this comfortable state and I will return to be a better me!"

The next moment I opened my eyes, I was lying in the room with all these young doctors holding so many doctor stuff and pink blood were all around them.

"She is back! What a relief!" They all said the same thing.

I stood up, looked at the mirror and saw that they have successfully pulled the entire string. We all jumped to the air together:


Something like this la.


Thank you everyone! I no longer had the string and the screw. I looked 999 times prettier now!

High-fived everyone and I was so happy. I then went back home and watched Twilight Saga marathon with my family.

In my dream.

Yes readers. It was all a dream of mine I had a few hours ago!

It was one of the most detailed dream I ever had. I keep dream journals by the way but some are too private to blog. There are some dreams that are so interesting and meaningful and starting from now I am going to journal some of it here.

Usually, after finished typing my dream with its entire detail, I started to look for its symbolic meaning. This time, I looked for the meaning of the "near-death" dream.

Which to be honest, didn't scare me at all.

Taken from, here is what I get, curated:
Death can be a disturbing dream but when you dream about it, it’s not usually a bad sign. In fact, it normally is the opposite. Near-Death experience dreams also are ways to unlock mysteries that normally are hidden to you. In near death dreams sometimes you die in them or it just feels like you are dying. It is important to note the distinction between the two to decipher the dream.

In this dream you may have...
  • Been close to dying or felt like you were dying.
  • Felt like someone around you was dying.
  • Died and assisted someone else in avoiding death.
  • Died and then talked to a loved one and then came back to life.
  • Felt like you were dying.

Positive changes are afoot if…
  • You die in your dream.
  • If someone else dies.
  • If you die and then come back to life.

Detailed dream meaning...

Near death experiences are relatively common with many of them being reported by people feeling like they have died. Some of these people have been technically dead and then come back to life. In the dreamtime when you dream about yourself dying or someone else around you dying then it is a sign of long life or an improvement in health. In your dream if you wake back up from being dead it indicates being rewarded for a struggle and you may find that you have these dreams when things seem very low in your life.

It is a reminder from your psyche that things will get better, you will persevere, and that you are doing a good job in your life. The near-death experience dream is a very positive one. Even when there is another person that goes through this – then this is a good sign for them.

If, in your dream-time near death experience dream you felt a presence or talked to someone that has passed then it is a good time to try to remember what was said. This often will represent a message that that person is trying to get to you or something that they said while living that you have forgotten but need to know.

When you have a dream about someone else dying around you and then coming back to life, this is a sign that you are worried about this person. Perhaps they need your help and you want to be sure that you are doing all that you can to help them.

It is normal to be afraid after having these types of dreams but take heed in the fact that the mind works in mysterious ways. Do not be alarmed by these dreams. Rather, it is good to pay close attention to them because dreams about near-death are ones that come with messages and great information that you may have suppressed and will be beneficial to you.

Because you feel like you are dying does not mean that you truly did die. Sometimes near-death dreams are really dying dreams and there is a slight difference between the two. When you feel like you are dying in a dream it is an indication that you need to focus on your own health. It is a warning dream that you need to take better care of yourself.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...
  • Needing assistance or hope.
  • Dealing with health issues.
  • Worried about health of a friend or family member.
  • Unsure on your path in life or if you are making the right choices.
  • Searching for wisdom.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream near-death experiences…

Afraid. Scared. Timid. Nervous. Resistant. Lost. Hopeless. Worried. Free. Happy. Shocked. Dismay. Wondrous. Wonderful. Light. Godly. Translucent. Helpful. Curious. Loved. Accepted.

From <>
The funny thing is, last night I was extremely stomach ache because I fell asleep without shirts (I don't like cool weather) to the point that I mumbled some praying words like:

"I am sorry."
"I won't be annoying again."
"I won't curse again."
"I won't be lazy again."
"I will learn to eat spicy."
"I will say what I truly feel. I will not hide it."

Something like that. Funny isit.

Then I dreamt that "Greed", "Anger", "Jealousy", "Evil", "Revenge" and many more were saying goodbye to me and they wished me a good new life.

Moshikashite, probably, did they represent the literal greed, anger, jealousy, evil and revenge inside me in real life?

Did last night dream tell me to have a new life without them?

Did I really dream something really symbolic that it tried to tell me something?

As my condition last night was not too good, I had this random stomach ache and went sleep angry, I think the dream tried to tell me that it is the best time to me to move onwards in my life and start behaving nicely.

Last night I did a bit of daily journal, I wrote that I am going to be a better person tomorrow. I am going to be mature a bit, little by little. I want to be nicer and I want to be kinder.

I want to be the best version of myself. Without exception.

I want to laugh more. I want to love more. I want to see more and explore more.

Please, myself, let's work hard to be the better version of me!

Thank you dream, for giving me fun symbolic visualisation so that I can be kinder and nicer. I will work my best, will fix the things I broke, and will make sure that I will feel only happy and love inside me!

It was a thrilling and awesome dream of dying. I actually think it is interesting. Also, funnily I met people I don't know at all in that dream.

Also the most interesting thing, I didn't remember to go to dinner with the boyfriend even after I was revived! I didn't even remember who the boyfriend was. Hahahahahaha.

I guess, considering the symbolic dream, he was somebody I left along with "Greed", "Anger", "Jealousy", "Evil", "Revenge" and many more.

Probably la.

Because I didn't consider him to be important to return to after I was revived.

Sayonara fictional boyfriend and friends that were with me all time. Thank you for everything you all had given to me. I learnt so much.

I promised to all of you I will be the best, kindest and nicest person ever.

P.S. I normally disregard all this kind of bullshit but I still keep my dream journals and try to find its meanings. Also, I only keep the dream journal if the meaning is indicating to be well. I tend to say bullshit to dreams which give bad meaning. I mean, keep for what? Haha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. My God this is so scary la xD
    I though it was REAAAAL! But thank God you are okay hahaha

    1. Hahah! I know it sounds scary but trust me I wasn't scared at all. =P


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