Thursday, May 5, 2016

Terrific Thursday ♥

Because it is holiday all the way to Sunday!


I took a pic recently because I didn't take one for quite a while:

Resize the pic smaller than usual because oh man I am so fucking fat now.

No it is the camera angle okay?!

No, but really I start to struggle to put on my jeans again wtf.

I stopped gym for a while. Not a good decision, it seems.

It has been so crazy exhausting since my first project was going gold for the last two weeks. I decided to sleep more and work more--which resulting me in getting hungry more, and I ended up eating more more and more.

I never know stopping gym for a while after a routine would gain me like 5kg in just days?!

*insert some cursing words here*

I think I am going to completely shift to my halfway second project soon and being able to focus on it completely is great.

It is just that I need to take a day or two to adapt with it.

Meanwhile it is now a super duper long weekend now because it is holiday today and tomorrow!

Yay me yay everyone!

No idea what holiday it is but I really appreciate it so much!

Oh my I really love this week!

And everyone on my friend list is already checking in on airports and various holiday destinations. Lol.

Not me.

My place is enough to be called as holiday destination and it is crazy crowded here. Staying at home is the best option for now.

Woke up early today because Miki was so noisy this morning so I spent my morning reading some extremely sad manga and it made me hungry.

So I went to kitchen and thinking to cook curry, peeling and cutting all the potatoes, chicken breasts, carrots and onions, fantasizing myself eating super hot and yummy non-spicy curry...

...only to realise that I run out curry paste.

I only saw one packet of laksa paste in the kitchen so I told myself "Let's use this laksa paste instead?" and cooked my supposed-to-be-curry with laksa paste.

It has zero curry taste at all. Abuden?

I had to improvise myself with the pepper, salt and sugar to make it tastes as close to curry as possible but I failed.

So I have curry with laksa taste.

Or laksa with curry style?

Whatever, it becomes like this:

Curry, with laksa taste.

Or laksa, with curry style?

Nevertheless it still tastes good, although it kinda broke my heart that it is so different with the curry in my fantasy.

Lots of love ♥

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