Friday, May 20, 2016

TaWan's Hartono Mall grand opening porridge promo! #2

Yes, I went there again today after work!

Definitely wouldn't want to miss my golden chance to eat yummy porridge--TWO bowls--by paying one onli!

There is no way I would finish two bowls--I couldn't even finish one la I am not a big fan of rice--so parents were with me to help me enjoying these yummy and cheap cheap porridgesssss.

Their promo ends this weekend unfortunately, and since like I said before I have wedding dinner to attend so today is like my last chance to enjoy half priced porridge la.

They took pic to brag. Haha.

Today we ordered TaWan Porridge Seafood (again) and TaWan Porridge Chicken and Prawn. Both are well!

Since I starved like crazy I ordered Chicken Kungpao and Lunpia Lee Hong Kian. Reminds me with Lee Hong Ki leh? XD

Lunpia Lee Hong Ki? XD

Then we walked around mall then suddenly mum said to me: "Your back profile is not as fat as before?!"

I was like serious or not huh then asked her to take my pic candid-ly.

Candid. Yeah sure lol.

I am very conscious with my short legs. =(

My hair is damn dry argh need to go to salon!

I still think I keep so much fat in my middle area wtf. Where got slimmer did she bluff?

This pic shall be my reminder to exercise more more moreeeee.

Ok? I definitely still want to wear my bikini in a huge and quiet swimming pool!

Lots of love ♥

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