Wednesday, May 18, 2016

TaWan's Hartono Mall grand opening porridge promo!

As TaWan's porridge lover, I won't miss their promo for opening their first restaurant in Jogja la!

No matter how far it is from my house, I will go before the promo ends--which is this weekend, but I have wedding dinner to attends on my weekends so I decided to go there today because it is my no-gym day and I am quite relaxed today at work.

Right after knocked off I immediately headed to Hartono Mall (the current newest and largest shopping mall in Jogja) to grab the promo!

The staffs are extremely friendly (to be expected from a newly opened restaurant, please maintain the kindness!) and their cooking time can be considered as fast.

But probably it was because we came there quite early, around 18:30.

//TaWan Porridge Special 3 Rasa and TaWan Porridge Seafood

So huge! How to finish all?

No worry, because in the end I finished everything

//Special TaWan Chicken and Sweet and Sour Snapper

Ordered extra chicken and fish because I was damn starving.

By the way, accidentally met my school classmate from more than a decade ago with her mum--which is my parents' friend as well--so we chatted about so many things.

Coincidentally she is also the one getting married this Sunday so we kinda talked about it and it feels nice to talk about something really really joyful for everyone.

Congratulations, friend!! Really really happy for you!!

It was so funny to think that between all of us you are like the first one to get married, at least the one I was closest with back then.

So I congratulated her personally and we laughed together for sorta no reason. Hope I will kena your joy and happiness, and also sparks of lovey dovey a bit! Hahaha *wink*

Kanarazu, I will return! Thank you TaWan for amazing meal experience.

Lots of love ♥

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