Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sister's engagement dinner party!

Time really flies fast!

My childhood jie jie (actually far complicated cousin la but cousin sounds so awkward so I always refer her as my sis instead) is getting married next month!

We played together in the past when I just recently stayed in the city and she was so nice and generous. I am so happy for you jie!

She marries a caucasian (which is probably the first within our family la!) so I was so curious as how will the celebration go like and whatsoever.

Her engagement dinner party was so grand I made so many mistakes I kept thinking it was her wedding dinner party!

Well, we still follow the family tradition I think. Yesterday, she held the celebration of the engagement which was taken care by her family side (our side). And the wedding day will be taken care by the man's family side, which is going to be held in Europe la!

So far it goes accordingly by the family custom that I know.

I won't be going to the wedding party because it is way too soon and I have no preparation as well but all my thoughts and prayers will be with you!

Surely international marriage sounds really really complicated, with the language barrier, custom barrier and such. But it is so nice to think than apart from being realists, they work their best to make each other happy.

Saw some of the man's side family members and all of them look so gorgeous and friendly. Sometimes it feels kinda awkward because their first language is not English as well but they spoke Indonesian every now and then. It makes me feel that they try so hard to blend with us. Respect much to them!

I mean, it feels so awesome when I see someone works hard to understand others. It is the same case with my ex-boss which is Vietnamese, when I came to her house for a house party I also met her Vietnamese relatives and they explained to us the Vietnamese dishes that they prepared for us. They explained each of the dish in detail, and most of all, in Indonesian somemore!

How can I not respect them that way?!

I am so so grateful to meet all these wonderful people from different countries they unconsciously teach me to respect others and to work our best to please them!

Okay back to the engagement dinner party.

I came with my parents. Here is mandatory pic of us:

Fat die me wtf I am entering PMS week so I eat and get pissed off more than usual.

There were also dad's side of uncles and aunties and cousins and nephews and nieces. Also mum's side of uncle and his family. And extended uncles and aunties from both my dad's side and mum's side.

So, are you curious whether my engaged jie jie is jie jie from dad's side or from mum's side?

The answer is: from both of their side!

Wait, but how?!

So, jie jie mum is my aunty from mum's side. And jie jie's grandma has some complicated relations with dad's side ah gong wtf so complicated.

Briefly, she is my relation from mum's side and from dad's side.

This is really magic la I love my big family so much and the fact that the world is actually smaller than we all thoughts. Everyone is kind of related, in some ways.

It warms my heart!

The engagement dinner party souvenir was:

Authentic Romanian wine made by man's family! Woooo sugoi sugoi!

Actually we got to choose between honey and wine, unanimously my parents and me chose the wine la!

You know what before we left the party I accidentally knocked on the wine bottle and I spilled 3/4 of its content fml.

It was my first time to attend dinner party at Hotel Tentrem so I wanted to document so many things la.

I should say, the meals there were awesome! Nom nom nom!

So, our first meal was:

Assorted cakes who welcomed us! I love the green pandan cake the most it was sweet and pandan-ish and ohhh I ate three of it.

Chinese Cold Platter
// Deep fried mushroom, steamed tofu with beef, fruit salad, chicken strip with ginger, boiled prawn.

The fattening appetizer. But I like. Ate mine super fast and mum told me to eat half of her portion because she hated mayo. Why you make me fatter and fatter ar?!

Shanghai Soup
// No explanation available on the site but there were silk tofu, hee piao (fish belly? cmiiw), chicken, carrot and peas.

Only few people likes to eat fish belly because of its texture I guess. But it was good for me.

Roasted Beef
// With rosemary sauce and onion caramelized ginger.

It was the softest beef I ever eat in my life I suspected it as beef liver sometimes. Because it almost drove me crazy why the hell was their roasted beef super super soft la.

I normally dislike beef and one of my biggest reason is because they are so hard to chew. That night, I love their beef so much.

Sauteed Prawns
// With sweet and sour sauce

Sorry that the pic was not taken properly. But if you like sweet dish, you'll love it. Super jumbo prawns for each of us, the yummy sweet and sour sauce (I always like sweet and sour sauce so I rate this meal high). Mum hated this though so she gave me hers: I ate two jumbo prawns! Fat die me!

Diced of Crispy Chicken
// With tomato, grapes and lychee.

Fyi, there is one waitress that scoop the dishes to our plates. Probably the purpose was so that the food would evenly be spread to all of us in one table.

But this dish ar, it is said with tomato, grapes and lychee and I only got the chicken leh?!

I didn't even get any single bite of lychee leh?!

Sad la.

By the way the chicken was nice! Tadashi, I cook this very same food so many times at home so I get used to this food already.

Steamed Goramee Fish
// With ginger, cilantro and light soy sauce.

I super love steamed fish so I love this dishes so much. It was a bit too sweet in my opinion but it tasted really well, and was well cooked!

Two Flavours Baby Kailan

What kind of kailan is this ar?!

The rod was half-steamed I guess based on its crunchiness but the leaves... It was crispy?!

Where got kailan leaves crispy?! It was my first time! I almost thought it was seaweed leh!

Anyway this one was slightly bitter but because it was so unique and the crispy leaves were so yummy I cleaned my plate in no time!

Fried Rice
// With char siu chicken and peas

I didn't eat this because:
First, I was already too full.
Second, I am on rice diet so I eat no rice at all.
Third, I don't like rice because it is so fattening.

I guess it is so so?

Last, and the best, the dessert:

Choco Opera Cake with Mango Pudding

I thought I was so full but I finished this in no time!!!!

I love cake and I love mango pudding ahhhh I couldn't say no to this! Besides, it tasted really good as well so I have no regret.

One last thing, sis requested me OOTD pic.

She sent me so many messages: "OOTD mana??" (lit. where is your OOTD pic) like every 15 minutes until when the party was finished I paiseh-ly asked mum to take OOTD pic of me.

She took so many pics from so many corners. And those pics are, erm, OMG shame die me I got to upload these shameful pics.

I look so damn fat obviously because of the fat in me la.

This corner was originally super pretty but my camera couldn't contain its beauty.

Nearby the door to the ballroom.

Mum said this is the best OOTD among all of pics taken but it is slanted la. Aiya.

Took self pic because the lift was so shiny. One aunty was behind me so blur.

Then, the most shameless pic I ever took:

Had to put so many stickers because of embarrassment.

Acted sit like a lady and ready to drink 1/4 bottle of Romanian wine.

By the way, the hotel looks so grand right?! Definitely five star hotel la!

The grand ballroom, the yummy dinner, the smell-good wine (only 1/4 left now), the kind new angmo relatives and the chance to meet my huge family from both parents side, I had a really really awesome Saturday!

Thank you for everyone to make that day wonderful and I was able to enjoy myself really well. (My) Our main concern is the food la, if the food is nice, everything else becomes 9,999 times better.

Great job, chefs, EO crews, family members, everyone who were working hard!

And, all the best for both of you, jie jie and Mr bro in law!

P.S. I still regretted the 3/4 bottle of wine I spilled there.

Lots of love ♥


  1. wow so many yummy food!

  2. hahah you actually look very pretty you know! I laughed coz your reaction on your own pictures is the same as my reaction.

    I understand all about family inter-related (if there's even such word :P). my family is so big but Brunei is so small that as I grow older, i find out that I have cousins everywhere.

    foods look so yummy!

    1. Hahaaha! Wah I wonder whether it is nice to live in a small country such as Brunei. But it must be so fun that you can go all around country easily. Indonesia is almost impossible for me to explore every corner, so it is another feeling XD

      It is indeed yummy. And thank you! I feel better when you say I look pretty =D


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