Friday, May 27, 2016

Resuming Patreon + New Facebook page!

I have done some changes within myself this week.

First of all, I am thinking to resume working on my Patreon page which I set up December last year. I kinda stopped it all the way because soon after working on it I was hired and I underwent four weeks of training. I started working soon after that and I neglected it. I now feel so grateful that I have not earned any Patrons yet because I will surely disappoint them for my lack of updates.

So I am thinking to start working on it again. My weekends have been so dull I am thinking to use it to draw and earn myself little cash to enjoy.

I know in order for me to gain attentions from the whole world and getting myself loyal Patrons who will be my encouragement to draw more, I need audiences.

The thing is, for all these seven years and counting of my existence in blogging, I didn't really consider the importance of audiences and followers. I don't like fame, that's why I never work to create my audiences.

I know if back then I worked hard to gain audiences, I would now have had at least a few thousand audiences on social media. It was not easy, but achievable.

A few years ago I decided to stop going on most social media sites because of this reason so I stopped growing audience that was so little to begin with lol.

I just recently realised that growing audiences is important for me if I am going to seriously work on my Patreon page. Despite of the importance, it burdens me when I think that I have to reach to so many people and encourage them to look at what I create, write and discover.

I am the type of person that doesn't follow the trends, and creating this blog is one of it. While all of my high school friends and university friends are on every social media, diligently posting anything possible, I am here blogging about myself.

I stopped logging on social media until end of last year. It was one of the most depressing weeks I had in my life so I had to do something that even made me much more depressed than ever: logging back on Facebook.

It bugged me how many changes it had and how I had to adapt to everything all over again. I logged out, it was horrible. Facebook seems so distant and cold, while back then it used to be so fun to see.

I think I know that I am meant to blog more than everything. So that time (around end of year 2015) I decided to let myself draw more besides blogging. So I started my Patreon page.

My first purpose was to gain Patrons, no lie. I then told myself that I am so motivated to draw more when I visualise how many Patrons I am going to have in the future. I will spend my days thinking about what I am going to draw, spend most of my time drawing, create concepts and publish it to my eager Patrons.

That thought alone motivated me so much that I drew almost daily at that time. No Patrons appear even after I uploaded stuff almost daily. My motivation went up and down until that fateful day I was finally hired on a company which I sent my Job application email to.

Without second thought, I dropped all my motivation and work on my Patreon page and I start shifting all my focus and energy to my work training and work adaptation. It took me a while to adapt, and although it was easy, it was also exhausting.

I completely abandoned my Patreon page. Now that I think about it, it was so sad. =( poor thing.

Today marks the end of my third month working (fourth month working + training) and I have adapted really well with the work flow. I almost finish one project by the end of this month, that's why I start to tend my Patreon page again.

Like I said before, working on Patreon page requires me audiences. And for me to reach audiences well, I need media.

A well-known and widely used media.

I set up my drawing portfolio website, but it is stagnant. It is not easy to encourage people to visit my drawing portfolio website because I wonder if they are fine with clicking on my URL and spending some of their minutes staring at my drawings. It is a complete one-way interaction between me and audiences, and it is not engaging at all.

I know, this is one of the biggest weakness blog has. It doesn't engage audiences really well. Not everyone wants to bother themselves by sending me emails to get simple inquiries.

I know their pain. I understand it.

Therefore, this week I plan that I want to start working harder to gain audiences and to open channels for my future audiences to reach me well.

So I started a Facebook page, for the first time in forever.

I know it is super late for me, while my blogging friends have created theirs many years ago. I, who usually don't manage any social media sites except blogger will now have one more page to manage: Facebook page leh.

Extra work, extra work.

But I will happily manage it, because I look forward gaining audiences for my Patreon page!

So far I only earned two thumbs (one is my own, one is Sis whom I forced to give me a thumb lol) and it was because I didn't promote it at all.

I am currently thinking how to promote my Facebook page without bothering my friends. So Sis suggested me to create an Instagram.

Instagram never appeals me because there is one of their policy that really against my belief: they have the rights to sell your photos, and they don't have to pay you back.

That is a completely turn off for me. That is the reason I never like using it. I always treasure all pics that I take, I work hard on taking the right angle to produce the nice pics and such but I hate it when people can just use my pictures for their own business.

Taking good pictures is not as easy as it seems.

To make money from it freely somemore, wtf?

So, apart from 95% of all my friends using Instagram, I didn't. At least until last year when I was about to graduate, I decided to make one for the sake of my friends.

To make long story short, I didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't use it. I uploaded three pics up to today for fun but whenever I am reminded with the nasty policy of profiting from my pics, I always have the urge to close my account wtf.

But Sis told me that Instagram is so easy to gain audiences.

After weeks and months of us talking about it, I then decided to create another Instagram account dedicated to gaining audiences. I then connected it to my Facebook page last night because after this I might not log in again.

Some of my Facebook friends I barely talk with anymore start to join in my new Instagram account dedicated to audiences. I now truly believe my Sis that Instagram is so easy to gain audiences, without effort!

But still, once in a while I am disgusted with the nasty policy. So on my latest Instagram post, I wrote that I will post more things on my website.

And that's it. I logged out. I uninstalled Instagram today. I am sick of opening it whole day because it drains both my HP battery and mobile data wtf.

As for Facebook page, I will be there only when I am logging on my laptop at home. I don't open Facebook at office because I don't want people to see me opening my Facebook (anxiety?) and I don't have Facebook app in my HP.

So it is kinda not really approachable, but I am trying to log in every now and then to upload new stuff there.

So my internet activity from now onwards will be something like this (sorted by priority):
1. Email. Send me your message through contact page or just directly send me emails.
2. Blogger. You can only leave post comments here, but I check this everyday so it is possible for you to reach me here.
3. Facebook page. I'll do my best to check this everyday from now onwards.
4. Patreon page. I only check this whenever I am going to upload things, at least please reach me through Facebook page.
5. Don't contact me through: Twitter, nope. Instagram, nope., nope. Tumblr, nope. I am no longer checking those things.

Managing blog like usual, plus now Facebook page and Patreon page sounds so busy bee for me but I will enjoy it!

Last but not least, give me your lovely and cute thumb to my baby Facebook page please?

Also, check on my Patreon page pretty please? Updates are expected to be weekly, it can be longer. But I really hope I can update regularly. Meanwhile, I will post free contents for everyone.

Lots of love ♥

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