Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Cartoon Series obsession is back!

I used to love watching Cartoon Series.

I loved it so much there was no single episode that I missed!

Let's mention some of it:

The Fairly Odd Parents

I love this series so much and wished my gold fishes back then were Cosmo and Wanda!

Spongebob Squarepants

Who doesn't like this series?! Spongebob is both silly and amazing.

The older myself when I watch Spongebob, the more I laugh. Is that depressing?

Even mum watches Spongebob much more often than me la. Mum's first Instagram picture is Patrick star. She loves Patrick because of some extremely funny reasons, LOL!

Our whole family loves Spongebob! It is so funny to think.

Danny Phantom

He was my first crush.

It was crazy back then that my first crush was a fictional boy. But oh man I fantasized a lot of things with him la. Innocently, of course.

I even dreamt to be his girlfriend, like 999 times?! Lol.

My obsession to Danny Phantom back then was crazy. He was so handsome and so badass and he was a ghost. Erm okay?

PowerPuff Girls

I literally drew PowerPuff Girls on any paper possible back then when I was at school. My textbooks were full of PPG drawings.

My favourites are Blossom and Buttercups.

Recently I also start to draw them again in my HP with my thumb. I am so happy that my thumb still remembers how to draw PPG:

Sorry, I hate Bubbles so I cannot draw her. Hahaha pathetic excuse much?

They are so fun to draw okay!?

And you know what this year PPG is starting to air again for a brand new whole series, I look forward to watch them okay! So happy!

By the way, do you know PowerPuff Girls Z?


I have commited to watch it no matter what!

And now, I am crazily obsessed with:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Low quality image. Sorry.

Thanks to work. Now I am going crazy over MLP.

They are so colourful, collectables, girly, fun to see and they have awesome OSTs!

Especially the Equestria Girls thing: literally it is their human forms!

Goodness! I am having rainbow drool everytime I see them! I am very very grateful to have the chance to know them!

Forget about my age, I idolize them to the max!

My favourite is still, forever and will always be Rarity (the white unicorn) okay she is so cool and pretty heehee!

Listen to this song I am currently very addicted:

I listen to this song like 24/7 now, anywhere and anytime.

I am so glad that I was born in this century, the Cartoon Series are so awesome!

Thanks to MLP now my Cartoon Series obsession is back, and I might spend some moolahs to watch them by any mean!

I might even burn a big hole in my pocket for MLP's figurines. Oh man, the thought alone makes me so happy that I feel a few years younger now!

//Will update more of this post tonight, I got to go!

Lots of love ♥


  1. wow. all this was from Nickelodean right?
    I like them too! i like to watch them when there is no more interesting tv show to watch. esp around midnight. they do some reruns on these shows.
    but I never really watch My Little Pony and the Equestria Girl sounds fantastic hahaha now I have to search them on youtube.. thanks~~

    1. Oh man yes! EG is so amazing! You should check it out :D


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