Saturday, May 7, 2016

Is it acceptable?

I am spending my very long weekend at home.

It is a very very anticipated very long weekend for everyone I guess, because almost everyone that I know are having their holidays now. Their check-ins are like in so many places, and they upload so many holiday pics. So nice ah.

I consider this week to rest my Ginny on my chill room and never take any pic at all.

I don't go anywhere. Like I said before, my city is one of the major holiday destination. I also despise crowds so much that I have zero intention to step out from my house.

Although it is so crazy hot inside house that I spend most of my time sitting on the living room, connecting my laptop to TV and reading online comics plus listening to sad songs through my TV while turning the electric fan to the fastest speed.

I also have to chain Miki because I cannot bear not opening the front door that gives me really chill wind in, and she tends to run away whenever I open the front door. Poor thing?

But she also seems so lazy recently that she only sleeps under me all time. Appreciate her fuzziness under me that I sometimes snuggle her whenever I am so bored hahah.

So, I have been thinking for past few days:

Is it acceptable for me, in this age, to dream about fantasy land, magical creatures, and fictional worlds?

To tell you, I have been writing a complex story with several branches and endings. I will also do the arts and I plan to make it available in some mediums (including learning a few basic programming languages to execute it).

I am thinking to complete it and show it to everyone who is interested. Publicize it, and I hope to hear what everyone is thinking about my creation!

This is a very exciting project that I am currently doing, although I know that my progress is extremely slow. But I am progressing okay!

And some of my friends (and apparently, colleagues) are now demanding the progress of my story and I keep saying "work in progress" la.

Although that is not exactly the reason why I don't give out the progress freely.

The main reason is, I think I am not confident enough.

Spilling the beans a bit here, my story leans to fantasy world that includes: wizards, witches, magical creatures and the impossibles.

And I don't want people to think that I am a crazy dreamer that create all these things.

But seriously, this kind of thing is what I love the most. It gives warm feeling in my chest, for some reasons.

I always love fantasy world: magical creatures, wizards and witches. I love to grow tragic story from those aspects, connecting each element and twisting each problem to a complex ending. I love how one fantasy story that seems to target young audiences can entice people from all range of ages. I love to tickle their mind, to make them think of the plot without me needing to persuade them.

And to make it true, I need a clever beginning.

Something that will attract my audiences to connect deeper to my story.

Here, the story plot, the art and the medium are the most important thing that I am going to work on.

I want my story to be told in so many forums. I want to see many of fan-made memes spread in the internet. I want to see how my audiences are unconsciously marketing my work, because they sincerely love it.

This is why it is so exciting for me.

I need to remain as original as possible, to polish up my shitty drawing skill as high as possible, and to work parallel-ly between my work and this project.

The fantasy story project.

But the question keeps coming to me: is it acceptable for people in my age that I still love fantasy world?

The undying love that I pledge to create my own fantasy world, where I am going to put all my dreams, countless gold ideas and good amount of tacky-ness.

With my undying passion in writing, I am going to create my own fantasy world with the story inside it.

And one day, when I finish it. I will make sure to let you, my readers, know about it.

So, last question, is it acceptable for me to be crazy about fantasy world in my age now?

I just want to know what do you think about a dreamer girl.

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Lots of love ♥


  1. Hello! I have no idea how old are you, but it doesn't matter! My answer to your questin is - yes, it's totally ok to be a dreamer and to make up fantasy stories ^_^I mean, look at J.K Rowling! She made Harry Potter up and now whole world knows about her fantasy world :3 I think we wouldn't be able to live without imagination and all the stories we make in our heads. Personally, I love to just sit, drink something nice and make up storie in my head when I have time :P So go for it! <3

    1. Hello fyi I am 23 ^^ and your comments are really encouraging! Really appreciate it! I will make sure I will not stop this passion and work on it, because I sorta can feel this defines my life purpose. And yeah HP is one of the best in my life. I really thank you! <3


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