Saturday, May 14, 2016

How is Konapple doing?

It is crazy that I have so many, erm, unimportant things run in my head and it stresses me for quite a while.

I am talking about my world Konapple. Lol.

One of my latest drawing.

I am thinking to start to giving it a meaningful life by building its own website, fanpage and so many more.

My own world, brand and creation I am going to work on seriously, someday maybe?

I have been maintaining its own website on Tumblr but recently I realised that Tumblr sucks bad time in SEO so that she never appears on Google's first page result at all.

So I am thinking to move my entire web contents there back on Blogger. The reason is simple, Blogger is owned by Google which means it has already built-in integrated SEO. Hard to explain technically, but I'll say that Blogger is Google friendly.

So I am going to work on this again tonight.

However, one thing that bugs me:

Blogger's web template is nowhere nearby as good as Tumblr.

My main reason of using Tumblr is because of its awesome grid template. It can display my overall artwork in grid style which is awesome, you know, for portfolio web and such.

Blogger grid templates are nowhere nearby Tumblr. I hate it.

But considering its SEO-friendliness, I, for the sake of SEO, am going to move back my Konapple back to blogger.

And for the grid template; I am going to work on it someday, maybe?

Lots of love ♥

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