Sunday, May 15, 2016

Greedy weekend!

It was crazy crowded here on Saturday I had no idea what happened.

So I decided to stay at home:

A few minutes after this pic was randomly taken, there was major blackout. Wtf.

I couldn't bear the heat so I decided to go outside for dinner.

It was crazy crowded outside for I don't know what reason so I went to nearby steak restaurant since I really hated the crowds. I always hate crowds.

Guess what, I ate almost both of it. Fml.

I was crazy hungry and dad was busy chatting on his HP so I unconsciously nom nom nom nom and in no time I cleaned everything.

I was really sorry dad!

I went back home in darkness until around 10PM hahah then I could finally charge my phone and did some stuff on my laptop.

Laptop acted up again.

I have been facing this "Windows 7 problem: Drive C: runs out space" so many times in my life that I already get used to it. But last night, it reached its peak

My drive C: literally had 0B space. Omg.

I cannot even open Windows Explorer and I was at pinch! How do I solve this?!

Disk Cleanup, clear system restore points, defragment disk, CCleaner and even manually uninstall important stuff like old Visual Studio, my programming softwares and random softwares I never used anymore.

No use. It only gained like around 20MB to 50MB and in a few seconds it became 0B again.

I am thinking to wipe my entire laptop and reset it to its original factory state but I am not ready to back up everything, yet. I need to buy more hard disk to back up everything and I need to take a note of softwares I always use, to remind me to install them again.

The problem is, I have some customised settings and softwares that I didn't remember how did I do it; if I factory reset my laptop I will sure lose it all.

I am not ready for that!

For now, I have gained 3GB back but I really wish I can wipe my entire laptop and put it to factory reset so that I can have my laptop feels awesome again like before.

So, I had a relaxing and hot Sunday and played with Miki. She has been sleeping all day, so it was nice! She sometimes gets too noisy and woof at everything and anything.

I guess it was a bad idea. It has been her furball days! Omg.

Man. I think I have swallowed like some of these yucky furballs!

Feel so bad for her that she starts to have botak patch here and there, but it has always been like that. She hates hot weather!

I agree! It has been crazy hot lately!

So I decided to get some fresh air and went out to enjoy the aircon of a bookstore.

I saw heaven:

Copic markers!!

I spent almost half an hour on this spot only to watch the Copic marker video ads there. So satisfying, so awesome. Even dad was impressed with Copic la! Yay!

I couldn't believe that so many artists own like 30 Copic markers. Each of it is 50K leh?! So damn rich you are?!

There is no way I am buying one. I am (currently) satisfied enough by digital-drawing.

So I headed to a random merakyat restaurant nearby the bookstore and bought these snacks:

Yeah. I ate two plates. Lol.

Sorry not sorry la! The meals here are yummy and it is really affordable! Yummy toast and fried egg and stuff with yummy corn with cheese and salted stuff.

"Happiness is simple" okay!

I told myself a few times that this weekend is my last chance to eat greedily because I am so going to slim down after this.

I plan to re-sign up my gym membership tomorrow after two weeks of hiatusing. Yay!

Let's see whether I can keep my words or not.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Huaaa itu serius dua porsi buat sendiri? Muahahaha. Emang kadang2 buat bahagia itu ribet atau gampang tergantung kitanya ya. \:p/

    1. Erm yeah almost two of them ahahaha! Sure of course! :P


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