Friday, May 13, 2016

Finally Friday! #5 (13th edition)

Friday the 13th! Jason! Freddy the Krueger! Hahah.

My week went super great because there are just so many awesome things happening!

#1 I wore perfect eyeliner to work--and colleagues noticed it!

Eh, actually now that I see it, it is not that perfect leh.

Been practicing myself so hard for the perfect cat eyeliner but my fail rate is almost 100% thanks to the weird fatty monolid eyes.

But that day colleagues somewhat noticed it:

"I see something different in you today?"

"Wah! Eyeliner leh!"

I was so embarrassed I went to the bathroom one hour before I went back home and erased my majestic eyeliners. D:

#2 Comic collecting!

Ten Kara-Torte is my all-time favourite comic because of its cute art, adult/comedy story that is so hilarious and the characters are so adorable.

Bought my first Ten Kara-Torte comic 12 years ago, and managed to collect 9 out of 14 overall comic this week. (Thank you, Tokopedia!)

So frustrated that local bookstore didn't publish volume 10 to 14. I really really wish Gramedia would re-publish Ten Kara-Torte, and this time, please publish the WHOLE WHOLE volumes available!

This is a very very old comic I wonder if it is still possible?

#3 First try on CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Downloaded CLIP STUDIO PAINT trial version and I am still adapting with the sleekness of its brushes and also the tools. I keep looking for the zoom buttons on the top of software just like SAI while on CLIP the zoom buttons are on the bottom lol.

I drew Granite Himesama by the way! It sucks because I only spent like 15 mins drawing it, didn't care about everything else I was just practicing and adapting to CLIP.

I know, looking at the tools here it is way more advanced than Photoshop or SAI but CLIP is so pricey ($49.99). That day I caught CLIP's massive sale at only around $20+ la and I regretted I didn't grab the sale.

I am just going to wait for its next sale and when that day comes, I will click the BUY button without hesitation.

And yay! It is weekend~!

Really grateful that my everyday is always so blessed with happiness, convenience, kind people everywhere, love and supports. I will make sure to return everything in double.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Itu serius gambar begitu cuman 15 menit? ._.

    1. Because I colour everything in one layer with soft brush jadi kayaknya warnanya banyak. Padahal itu cuma krn kecampur2 aja ^^"
      My usual drawing time is 5 to 10 hours..

  2. Do you use liquid eyeliner? Maybe it would be easier with eye pencile? You just have to find a softer one that can be sharpened nicely ^^ And that picture is so cute :3

    1. Hello! Yep I used liquid one. Weirdly, it is so easy to erase? I never try pencil one, will try it next time! Thank you! =D


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