Sunday, May 8, 2016

Do you do Mother's Day?

Happy mother's day to all awesome mothers in the world!

For us, we don't celebrate it. At all.

In fact, my family don't celebrate anything excepts CNY and for me that is completely normal.

Or I think so?

Today it just hits me that everyone are celebrating this Sunday to some level that makes them spend some money for flowers and fancy food. It sorta feels like another Valentine day is happening lol.

The fact is, it gets much easier to catch up with what people are doing from the other side of the world now just by looking at our accounts' feed (blogger feed and any social media feeds) and it comes to my realisation that almost everyone is so excited with Mother's day.

I want to know, is it something big?

Is it something important?

I mean, if it really is something important to celebrate, how come none of my family member (and my extended family members) talk about it?

Our family don't even mention it at all. Not even in our chatroom that is very noisy daily with their share of home-made cooking pics, blooming plants, cups of coffee they drink that day and birthday wishes.

There is zero mention about Mother's Day at all in my big family chatroom. And it has always been that way.

I even wonder if my parents know about this Mother's Day. Lol.

No, I mean, I never think about it--I mean, I know its existence but I never think to do something special about it--because it is just not my family's custom.

This is the very same case with Valentine's day. Nobody celebrates it within my big family. We don't think that is important.

But it is not because we hate our mums.

We just cannot find any important reason to waste our money to pluck poor flowers for her. That is just double lose?

Fyi (and I am sure you already know) I love my mum so much everyday in my life, always try to help her everyday, talks to her, shares her stories, listening to her stories, eats her cookings happily, obeys her and wants to make her happy.

It is just I never do something special for her in Mother's Day. I just love her and help her everyday.

I want to make her happy everyday, not only today. Not only on certain days.

Well, I sometimes buy cakes and yummy dinner on her birthdays but I don't do such thing on another day. And I have always been thinking that it is normal.

Until I see that everyone makes an effort to surprise their mother today. Flowers, presents, yummy dinners for Mother's Day.

Why do I find it unimportant?

Celebrating it would be nice, but why do I feel that it is okay not to celebrate it?

It is just my family's custom I think. We don't celebrate such thing. Father's Day somemore. Children's Day somemore. By the way, is there any Pet's Day? Boyfriend Day? Bestfriend Day? Random Friend Day? Enemy Day?

Fml so many days to remember?!

We'll stick on celebrating birthdays and CNY, and we also eat seasonal foods for sweeping tomb day and zhong qiu jie and that's it.

That's the only thing I remember because our family do something special during these moments each year.

No love love day, no mummy day, no papa day, no sis day, no pet day, etc.

Even sometimes, no birthday party.

Yeah! To be honest I don't even celebrate birthdays recently. And sometimes I think that sound so pitiful but when I think about it more, the older I am the more depressing birthday is as it becomes the reminder of me getting older and older?!

But seriously, I love celebrations. The weird thing is that I don't really have the urge to hold the celebration. That special day will pass just like any other normal days.

Which feels both weird and normal.

I randomly draw mum. Hahaha.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I don't celebrate that kind of day tho! Never give something to my mom when it's a mother's day like my friends do. But once I tried to give my mom a gift last year, and guess what? I forget to give it until now.... it's just because i dont get used by doing that hahaha ((except my mom's birthday))

    1. What?? Hahahah! Omg you remind me with a birthday present I bought for my friend three years ago.. And it is still in my room. LOL omg. Yeah it feels weird that I don't do celebration almost everyone does. But I find it troublesome to celebrate anything since I hate remembering such dates. Me too, I always remember birthdays too (although I often miss it out) :P


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