Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vietnamese Lunch Party!

I went to a Vietnamese Lunch Party today.

Actually it is my boss' birthday party so he invited the whole team to his house for lunch.

His wife is also my boss (wait, is this confusing?) so the husband and the wife both are my bosses. I am working with the wife in one office though and the husband works in the other branch. He was also the one interviewed me for the first time so I know them very well la.

Ok enough introduction which you don't bother to read.

I was hesitating whether to go or not--until my mood became very bad--but I then decided to go because I meet the wife like almost everyday so I want to maintain good relation with her.

I went to Giant first to buy brownies for the party and I was late for like 30 minutes from the appointed time, but I was also the second earliest that came.

I also got lost, lol. But one of my colleague kindly picked me up and told me to follow him. Why so good la although it was raining cats and dogs!

Met the wife's relatives there who were cooking and they were surprisingly good looking! They are purely Vietnamese since they spoke Vietnamese that I couldn't understand a single bit.

Weirdly, I was tempted to speak Chinese to them a few times because the dialect sounds similar but I don't want to embarrass myself with my shit Chinese so I spoke short English to them.

Which surprisingly, they spoke Indonesian very well la so it was so convenience! They even tried to explain the Vietnamese foods to us in Indonesian and they were so kind.

Really appreciate it!

I didn't regret coming. The foods are so delicious! They are so good in cooking!

This Vietnamese guy who sat nearby me even helped me by giving me like three spring rolls on my bowl and I was like so embarrassed and I struggled to finish it all although my stomach was going to really explode. I ate so much.

Many of my colleagues brought along their children and all of these children are girls. They are so cute and well behaved. Reminds me with my nephews and nieces.

To be honest, I don't like socializing. It stresses me so much. But I guess every now and then this kind of thing is good. We had a really good meal and good chat, although I mostly listened to them. I am still very new anyway.

I had a really good weekend. Looking forward to the next weekend! (Don't even want to think about stuff I need to work on tomorrow.)

Lots of love ♥

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