Sunday, April 3, 2016

Seven proofs it is the hottest weekend.

Is this weekend really real crazy hot or it is just me?

Although it is crazy hot, but I super love how blue the sky is! The last time I posted this kind of blue sky pic was many months ago!

It is so so hot here that all I did was mostly sleeping almost entire weekend. The sudden change of the weather (it was literally raining storm last few weeks, it is crazy hot last two days) made me dizzy so I had no choice but to put on my chill and soft pajamas and sleep longer than usual.

Unfortunately, I discovered seven proofs that this weekend is the hottest weekend in 2016!

#1 Hot Qing Ming
Went to graveyards on Saturday morning for Qing Ming and returned home in the afternoon.

Graveyards are usually chill even in the midday, you must consider the thick trees and the chill wind, and also there is the 'chill' that is unrelated with the weather..... You know?

But even yesterday the 'chill' couldn't beat the heat.

I broke into a bucket of sweat thanks to the extremely clear sky in the morning. There was literally zero cloud appearance!

#2 Ice cubes are dying
Mum cooked me two extremely hot foods at home: hot veggies soup and hot meesua so I ate all of it, lol. Soon, I broke into another bucket of sweat again and I decided to make iced orange juice.

Put five ice cubes on my glass and believe it or not, in 20 minutes my orange juice became warm!

Bloody hell! There was no trace of ice cube there at all!

#3 Aircons have no effect
I went to gym on Saturday night for a while because it has been two weeks since I missed it. I used the equipment which was the closest to the fan and aircon and I still broke into a bucket of sweat.

I wondered if it was the aircon that was spoilt or was it really the weather?

The super hot weather becomes much much hotter with my light activities in the gym and it was quite crowded there so it became even hotter. Crazy! I was only sitting on the fitness ball, bouncing up and down and sweat was already flowed all over my body that it looked like I had just come out from sauna room.

Crazy hot I feel like kicking people!

#4 I start getting restless sleeps again
Although I don't like cool weather, but I am unable to sleep in a hot room. I decided to sleep early on Saturday night right after took a quick shower after gym, but I was awaken at 2AM and at 5AM due to overflowing sweat all over me. It was crazy.

Past few weeks every night has always been so chill that I love it so much. How can time flies so fast that it is already April, and it is soon mid-year in no time!

Then after some good few hours chilling in front of fan at home I went to a short session of gym after I missed it for two straight weeks.

#5 The wet laundry dries in only an hour
I took the chance to hang my laundry on my yard because of the heat. Then I went inside to chill myself for a while.

I then went outside about an hour later to check on the laundry I hung just a moment ago and it has completely been dried.

Omg! What kind of sorcery is this!?

Decided to give it another few minutes to completely dry, I took some hot hot pics with Miki. She also mumbled about the craziness of the weather today la, but she acts happy in front of cam. Hahah.

"So.. hot.. but.. must.. smile.. one!"

"Did you take a good pic of me?"

Excuse my weird leg pose. Miki decided to sit under me for unknown reasons and I couldn't move my legs to be slightly properly posed for pic.

#6 My flowers are dying
And I feel sad for them.

The hibiscus is dying. I don't know what to do. I have zero knowledge of plants.

So does the rose moss. All I can do is to Aillis it to make it look pretty again. But I wish for it to bloom again tomorrow morning, I hope!

Meanwhile, the chilli tree is growing really well on these crazy hot days! Look at those big and orange chillis.

Do you feel like plucking them and biting them? Feel free please! And never imagine me doing that, because I hate chillis.

#7 I pony-tail my hair
My last resort in fighting the crazy hot days:

I almost never pony-tail or tie my hair in any way because I am extremely prone to headaches. But this time, I gave up and pulled my hair so high for a sleek pony tail.

The heat beats my fear of headaches.

That is how crazy hot this weekend is.

How is yours?

P.S. Update (06:01PM) it is raining storm again and house blacked out when I was completely naked in the bathroom. Literally screamed! Lol.

Lots of love ♥

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