Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ridiculous love article?

I am seriously concerned with teenagers in this decade.

It has become way much easier for us to access unlimited stuff online. Articles, tips, memes, and many more you can mention.

And it gets even more ridiculous as I read it more, as years pass by.

These articles and tips related to 'proclaimed-ly' love life are making no sense and I am terrified at the thought of how badly will timid teenagers be influenced with these.

I had a harsh teenager experience and it was a lifetime regret that I had unconsciously shaped myself and my own mind to be helpless girl that fall to the image of perfect princes on all these articles and tips.

Which luckily, for past few years I have regained conscious and I ditched all of these nonsense mindset about chivalry and how girl should be like this and boys should be like that.

It is a complete rubbish. It is ridiculous.

Let me quote one article I found not so long ago.

So this article generally tells girls to ask their boyfriend these set of questions to prove whether he is serious with her or not.

Okay, first of all, the questions are important.

But the questions provided by this article are pretty much ridiculous. It leads to unnecessary drama and almost all of it are misleading. Worse, I sorta can feel that those questions are meant to trap the boys to give answers that would pity themselves, or pity the girls.


I extremely hate it.

Let's see the questions one by one:

1. Do you accept me the way I am?
This is a hard question. "Yes of course" is so easy to say but it is not easy to prove. This is not something to be answered in one minute and be hold on for as long as it needs to be.

Even if he answers "Yes of course" firmly, girls should not take that as a reassurance and stop doing things that define them. Girls still need to do what they usually do, work to be herself, and never stop improving.

"We should work on it together" is probably the best answer for this question.

Type of question: sorta a trap.

2. If you have to prove your loyalty with three words, what would you say?
What the hell? This is a ridiculous question.
Romantic boys will spit out romantic words, and unromantic boys will probably get upset. Or both kind of boys will probably get upset.

I hope everyone avoids asking this question. Because loyalty is proven by actions, not by words. This is very important.

Type of question: rubbish.

3. If my ex comes to me, what would you do?
My guess, most boys will say "I don't know".

Note this. If he is with you, he never thinks about your ex and he doesn't want to think about your ex.

Avoid ex talk to your partner as much as you can. If possible, never talk about your ex or his ex at all.

Type of question: trap.

4. Why don't you date her? She is more beautiful, she is richer, etc.
Another rubbish question.
He chooses you, so don't doubt him. If you doubt him, ask him constructing and supporting questions, not ultimatum question like this.

Type of question: rubbish trap.

5. Until when will you love me?
Rubbish question, but boys may answer this variously.

Which answer do you want?

"Forever and ever." Even I cringe when I type this.
"Until I find someone else." Do you want to hear this?
"Until I die." You don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.
"Until I become ghost." You want him to be unable to rest peacefully?
"I don't know." Okay.

My advice is, enjoy your life today with each other.

Type of question: unimportant, sorta rubbish.

6. Do you remember my birthday?
This is a funny question. I cannot relate to this, since I never even once have thought to ask this to anyone. I think it is a pleasant surprise if he remembers, and it is not a problem if he doesn't.

Type of question: unimportant.

7. Your ex is better than me. Why do you choose me?
Read answer 4.

If you ask this question, you are ridiculous.

He chooses you. It means you are better than her. I don't understand why this question even exists.

Type of question: ultimate rubbish.

8. Are you prepared for my old self, with wrinkles and faded beauty?
Read answer 5.

Live today. Seriously that is not something to stress about.

If you are getting old, he is getting old as well. Love and care exceeds beyond your look.

Type of question: unimportant rubbish.

9. When will you introduce me to your parents?
Read answer 5 and 8.

The maker of these questions seems to stress too much? Enjoy today, I cannot emphasize this enough. Enjoy today enjoy today enjoy today.

When both of you are enjoying the moment, things will progress by itself without stress.

Type of question: rubbish.

10. Are you prepared with me being busy?
I believe no matter how busy someone is, they will get a break every now and then.

Depends on your priority, if you prioritize your work more than him, and he prioritizes you more than his work, both of you already have a mismatch in priority.

Talk it out, and settle it down.

Type of question: hard.

11. If we have to be separated far away, will you still love me?
When love is real, distance is just a number.

Do you think so?

Type of question: hard.

12. I come from a modest family, can you accept it?
Well, can he?
Love is beyond look and wealth, but the best kind of love is the one that is honest and also being realistic.

Type of question: hard trap.

13. Are you prepared to have a happy family with me?
This is a creepy question, if you ask it on the beginning of the relationship.

Like I said above, enjoy today.

When the time comes, you will know what to do.

Type of question: ridiculous trap. To be asked at the right moment.

Important advice: never rush love.
Love is to grow from within.
Love gives you the chance to know people more about them.
Love will not fade, but the actions it triggered will.

This article is seriously misleading and I feel sorry for the writer.


People shall think twice and be wise before actually asking important questions to their partners.

Lots of love ♥


  1. I totally agree with you ,those articles are so exaggerated sometimes. I know a friend who writes these for a hobby and I don't think they're realistic at all.

    I think we shouldn't rush love. Love is excellent, but it can come and go.

    ~ <3

  2. I am single almost my whole life but those questions are realy ridiculous.
    I mean, I didn't know people in relationship can be just as insecure as I am, the single one!
    hahaha ah well... people gonna be people~
    you jot everything that i wanted to say already with your explanation. I agree 100%!
    more people need to read this and share them around.

    1. Yeah you are right! The degree of insecurity is sickening. Girls need to be educated that they are much more precious than they are told to.


Thanks for the lovely comments! It makes my day ♥