Sunday, April 24, 2016

Opened a new door!

After years of contemplating and lots of unnecessary thoughts, I have finally decided to apply for a Paypal account.

There are so many reasons that hinders me to activate it before. It was mainly because I want to seriously control myself in spending money.

I have allocated my future money to so many things already and now I am currently working hard to make those future money into real money.

I know that I don't hold money as tight as my parents haiz but I have been practicing self-control in spending money.

In my last few years as an unemployed university student, I managed to save like $1,500. My pocket money was so little (like $200 a month?) and I needed to pay for rent, books, petrol and my own meal throughout those years.

Being able to return home with a clean $1,500 was a miracle for me. I bought a lot of unnecessary things, toys and random clothes yet I still managed to save such amount has proved that I have at least a little bit of self-control in money.

Although I fully realise that I love to buy unnecessary stuff, and I regret it, sometimes though.

I can be proud a bit, right? Hahah. 

Now that I can earn more, I am afraid that I will lose this control.

So I am thinking to find many new ways to earn a little bit here and there. Fortunately Internet nowadays offer us so many chances to earn money with so many media.

Monetizing my blog with ads is one of the most applicable and easy option I can take to earn myself a little bit more. However, I still hesitate to put ads on this blog. Reason is because I myself hate seeing ads, therefore I haven't done it so far.

Second option is to make the best of my hobby.

You probably remember earlier this year my friend and I created an Etsy store together to sell our drawings. Then the very next month both of us were employed to the very same company on the same week.

So we sorta abandoned our Etsy shop la.

She is doing much busier things than me in the company, and since we are currently in the adapting phase I think it is hard for us to manage the Etsy shop again. I also currently hold double projects now so it is kind of hard for me to manage it by myself as well.

But I can make use of my weekends! I normally don't go out on weekend since it is crazy crowded here every weekend.

I can draw, lots and lots of drawing!

And make money from it?

There are so many mediums to sell it, our established Etsy shop, this blog, social media, and so many more it is amazing.

And to make things easier for me to reach my potential market in this entire world, I have finally decided to create myself a Paypal account.

I successfully verified my Paypal yesterday afternoon with the help of the kind lady on the bank customer service.

Without Credit Card. This is not easy, but I managed to have it verified la!

I always tell myself I don't need Credit Card. The temptation is too big. But it is one of my parents' precious advice so I control myself not to apply one.

Then after looking at those verification message I got this sudden passion burst inside of me and I spent whole Saturday drawing things!

I drew like 45 small drawings in one day. Took myself like 11 hours to draw all of it, crazy ah?!

But I was so happy and I felt excitement and happiness inside of me every time I drew. So my drawings overall turned quite nice!

It is a rare moment okay?!

So I am thinking to turning all my drawings into money by using the easiest option available: turning it into LINE stickers!

Yes that sounds like a good idea! With good platform and good potential market as well.

So I am now uploading my drawings and sending sticker application request to them. Once it is approved, I will be my own first buyer la and I will promote it to everyone.

Like finally, I have opened a new door of myself to countless chances of earning side money with Paypal!

Meanwhile, I need to gather strength and passion to continue working on my VN Game.

Lots of love ♥


  1. wow! nice start to a new open door *thumbs*
    I wish all the best strength and passion in your pursue of happiness~
    I duno how to buy line stickers with real money but i hope you go the deal and I would love to see how it turns out~ good luck!
    and seriously, listen to your parents about credit cards. they're not kidding.
    I have paypal too and you are right, i spent more when i first got it. LOL
    thumbs up to your self control with money. I seem to be lacking. hmmm

    1. Thank you AzNur for the neverrending supports! You know your comments have made my day so many times! All the best to you too, I always hope for bless and happiness all around us!

      And I will remember the advice really well, I have allocated so much of my future money into so many things already. Need to discipline myself! =D

  2. looking forward to see your stickers XD

    1. Eh I have finished it! Hahah:


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