Saturday, April 16, 2016

Graphic Stripes for everyone!

Hola readers!

Farfetch reached me a few days ago and asked me whether I am interested create a look from their catalogue. Upon browsing their huge collections, I replied their email with a Yes and I think this is going to be so fun!

Style the Trend

I decided to pick Graphic Stripes for my fashion set theme.

I believe stripes enhance girls' curves, and it looks good on casual and semi-formal occasions. So Graphic Stripes are one of the best choice you can make for your style in almost any occassion. It goes great with only a little effort, and it can be applied in anything that you want!

My taste is mostly casual and semi-formal, so I am going to create a few sets based on it.


Let's begin with my pick for fun Saturday:

Cat lover lady is going out on Saturday afternoon!

Cat lover lady wants to wear something extraordinary, yet comfortable. She picks the striped knit asymmetric top by Stella McCartney in pink that feels so cozy on sunny Saturday. She pairs it with a pair of maroon red leggings by Isaac Sellam Experience that enhances her long legs. To compliment the coziness and the style, she wears a pair of Wakai shoes in maroon red as well. She doesn't forget to bring along her favourite cat bag.


Weekend passes so quickly, and it is now Sunday!

Fashionista lady is going out on Sunday!

After a busy week of office days and working out, fashionista lady is going out for a cup of coffee on Sunday. She wears a large bow top by Rochas that shows her toned waist and back of her hard work. She compliments it with a nice pair of striped trousers by Ann Demeulemeester that enhances her slim legs. She never forgets to add a nice touch of modest by wearing black heels and she always has her loyal black Prada bag with her anytime and anywhere.


After a relaxing weekend, it is time to back to work on Monday!

"It is now time to work my best!" said the boss.

To start a week, she wears a stylish look of striped asymmetric top by Emilio Pucci. This top shows her sexy shoulders yet also giving her the class. She also wears her favourite 'New Age' A-line skirt by J.W. Anderson that is comfortable to wear. Never forget to stay classy, she wears simple black strapped heels that stays cozy in any situation. Also a black modest handbag that can be combined with any style.


You can head to to see their more designer collections!

You are going to find yourself spending hours just to browse their huge collections. I accidentally spent almost a good hour at office to look at their swimsuits section. Teehee!

Thank you for introducing me to your great collection, Farfetch! Stay awesome!

Lots of love ♥


  1. wahhh *eyes have heart* soo nice~~! I'm in Love with the Caturday Lady theme! thank you for sharing <3

    1. Heheh I love it too! Thanks for supporting! <3

  2. All 3 looks super cute :)


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