Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally Friday! #4

Even since 5AM today, I wished 12 hours would pass by as fast as possible.

This week started really good: I have finished all problems I am supposed to solve, sent many important emails and reminders to people all around the world, and that's it.

I thought so.

It didn't last long.

I received loads of problems again yesterday and today (read: yucky and annoying bugs) and this time the problem is real serious: I have no idea how to use the software to solve the problems.

I waved SOS signal to my boss and she was like "omg this is so complicated, we don't usually use this software?" and told me to send SOS email to people in Europe.

Oh man, I sent them like three emails earlier this week and they haven't replied any of it and now I have to send them another SOS email?

So my stress level increases again today. I am so glad it is finally weekend lah!

Although this week's stress level is high, you need to know that this week is one of the best week I ever had!

Reasons are:

#1 It is my first time imported super expensive things

There are these things I have been wanting to buy SO MUCH from like one or two years ago.

I didn't have the courage to order it previously, but this Monday I had the feeling like "I think it is the best time to order it!" so I hit the "Order" button la.

I also feel super lucky. It is because these things I ordered are limited edition and it was released in 2013 so it is supposed to be extremely rare nowadays.

But I found both of it. Very easily.

With the help of my friend of course.

And without hesitation I ordered both of it right away!

It arrived very very shortly--okay I didn't really import it but the distributor where I ordered it like imported it right away and they are really trusted distributor--so let's say I sorta imported it alright?!

And sorry not sorry I gotta censor like literally everything.

I know these pics are all useless because way too many censorship.

Well, one of the main reason is because I initially planned to give one of it away as a birthday present.

But, upon receiving these things, I kinda hesitated. They are just soooooo good I don't know whether I am going to really give it away as a birthday present or not.

I haven't decided whether to keep them all for myself or to give one of it away. Meanwhile, I will still censor the pictures. (Will post another separate blog post again after I have made my decision)

#2 Woman empowering day celebration at office

Also known locally as Kartini day!

I super like this kind of event because I can finally be away from my stressful workstation and enjoying some lame jokes from my colleagues.

Also, free lunch okay it was the best part LOL.

The good thing is that there are not so many female employees at the office--there are way more male employees than female employees--that's why I guessed that they could hold this kind of party exclusively for female employees.

And I like it so much hahaha especially the free lunch part la.

We were supposed to dress well but I didn't remember about it so I just wore my normal blouse and leggings.

But that day I washed my hair in the morning so I kinda look somewhat better than my usual pillow face?

Also, the sky that evening was gorgeous. The following pic didn't really show it though but it was a gorgeous combination of powdery blue and pink:

#3 I adapt well

It has been two months since I start this work routine, and although it is not something relaxing but I really enjoy the process of myself adapting in the office.

I am very very grateful that my team is awesome and all my colleagues are so nice and helpful even when I ask them the smallest and easiest help.

I also really enjoy how people there are so passionate about their jobs and they don't appear to stress at all--or is it just me who stress over so many things?

I mean, looking at them having much more works than me and still laughing every now and then, it makes me feel a little bit better to face my works which are much easier compared with theirs.

Although so, sometimes I am frustrated over things that disappoint me. I normally set myself a huge expectations so I want to try to work on things by myself to end up producing very little and slow results.

I have been adviced--so many times--to ask my colleagues whenever I face any problem to solve it faster. But I cannot work that way.

I don't know if it is just me or how, but I feel very beh seng gi, or sungkan in Indonesian, I don't know what it is called in English but let's say that I feel reluctant (the closest translation that I mean to say) if I have to ask them for help too many times.

I don't like bothering people too often. I guess this is the introvert side of me.

But still, everyone is being very nice to me although I learn everything from zero again. Really really thankful!

And my palm is dry as hell due to staying in an airconned room 10 hours a day. Wtf.

#4 Weather has been awesome this week

Yes! The sky is so clear and gorgeous and I never take a pic of it. I was too tired and too occupied to grab Ginny from my bag.

But I capture today's moonlight. 

So beautiful right?!

Okay don't lie, it appears so blur and ugly here but seriously it is so beautiful in real life.

Lots of love ♥

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