Friday, April 8, 2016

Finally Friday! #3

So fast it is another Friday?!

I admit I wished for weekend to come faster. Stuff has been hectic and I stuck in a very very unproductive situation.

My build crashes all the time. It frustrates me to the max.

Programmers are very busy--it is very urgent on their side too--so I didn't really dare to ask for help. I know this hesitating side of me is so unfortunate, but walau haiz it cannot be helped.

I told him today that I wanted him to help me on Monday no matter what. I cannot delay my problem any further.

So last two days I couldn't do anything much. I re-read my bug list so many times in one day and made multiple notes about it to waste time. I tried to read some bloody codes and tried to understand a bit about it but I ended up making it worse that I had to revert all my hardworking changes.


Kotake says meow meow!

I started this week by wearing ultra cute jumper from Rosegal!

The aircon in the room is always freezing so it is literally my one and only chance to look much cuter than usual.

Then late in the afternoon, my right hand felt so painful.

It wasn't exactly that much pain, but it was very disturbing. It felt like my pinky felt so thick and it couldn't feel anything at all--just like when you played with rubber band and tied your fingers with it until it turned white and very cold.

My right pinky and right side of hand felt just like that, unless this time there was no rubber band around it.

My first thought was: oh shit I need to go to lab for blood test. Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Diabetic and how many more I could think.

I was very scared that would be the real case--I am still very young and I didn't eat any junk food for so long already. I admit I didn't eat veggies lately but I never eat yolk and seafood anymore (not since that seafood allergic returned incident) so if illness is the cause of my painful hand, that is a bit ridiculous.

Told my parents about it and they then gave me Salonpas plaster to wear. I had no choice but to wear plaster on my right hand everyday because I got so much work to do:

But do you think it looks ridiculous?

It doesn't cure my pain 100% but it does make it better. I used the "SUPER HOT" Salonpas on my first try and my hand was almost literally burnt wtf so I immediately took it off and used the "WARM" Salonpas.

The wrapped one in my pinky is super disturbing. I couldn't move my pinky--not that I need to move it though--and it felt so weird.

Kotake says meow meow meow! (means: let me go!)

Anyway since it is Friday, I look forward to waking up late and exercising. It has been a few days since my last hit.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Lots of love ♥


  1. cute jumper/sweater! or is that a pillow?
    i could never pull off wearing them LOL
    and I should try wearing some 'hot' plaster for my right hand wrist. its making some dull pain right now..I can't used my mouse properly :S

    1. Yes the jumper/sweater is so cute. But it makes you sweat a lot! Omg XD
      It is flat like a pillow but also shaped like a penguin bird. Can say it is a pillow. Haha.

      Yes, you can try it! The very hot one is very very very painful! I have high tolerance of hot oil but it was still too painful for me. You should try to apply hot patches/plaster as well! I also get sick of using my mouse with tingling sensation in my fingers! =(


Thanks for the lovely comments! It makes my day ♥