Friday, April 1, 2016

Finally Friday! #2

This week was a hectic one.

Apparently there was this kind of weird bugs infested my mailbox. I had to exterminate each and every of it with all that I had.

This bug is pretty similar with armpit hair. You pluck one, another three grow. I kill one bug, another two come.

I didn't kill any bug in one day, no new bugs come. LOL.

I can say that myself is not experienced enough that I was only able to kill like one or two bugs per day.

Every morning I told myself that I want to kill at least 3 to 5 bugs for the day but I ended up killing only two at max. I set too high expectation for myself.

But I believe that I can kill more bugs in one day. In the future.

I know that it is very possible. So far it has been smooth. Everyone is very helpful and I always experience something amusing around my workstation.

So I always look forward for everyday to be better than before.

Apart from that being such a hard and difficult work for me, dealing with bugs has been exciting. And I am so grateful that everything has been smooth, nice and enjoyable. I look forward for more exciting days in working on my stuff.

Also, I brought my old friend to my workstation:

Welcome back Robin!

He was one soft toy I bought like so many years ago in Jakarta. I remember that I really treasured him and it was me who named him Robin. I think it suits him really well!

But actually there is one colleague with similar name with him so I decided to change his name to Kotake. Temporarily.

So, welcome back (again) Kotake!

I hug him on whole working hour that it makes me happy. I also sometimes sit on him, squash die him, throw him, punch him (out of frustration) and pet him. He experiences many mixed emotions and actions from me. I am sorry and thank you.

I leave him on my workstation. I hesitated to do it at first but as I see many of my colleagues are doing it so I decided to leave him there and (sorta) told him to keep my belongings there. I hope he keeps them well!

Looking forward to Monday, to the day I can meet Kotake again!

Lots of love ♥

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